Sheila Jeffreys “looks more than a bit like a man. She’s about four shots of testosterone away from passing as one”. When men review ‘Gender Hurts’

Who cares what she looks like? Sorry, that sounds harsher than I meant it to be, what I mean is, it’s no one else business what she looks like, what she chooses to wear in her daily life or anything. The only person it matters to what she looks like should be her herself. Is she happy with how she look? If yes, brilliant, if not, I’m sure she can do something to change that if she so wishes.
I probably won’t read her book, but if I we’re, I would judge it on it’s contents, and not on the author’s appearance (however saying that, her appearance may have some bearing on her book, but I’m not going to criticise her for it.


gender hurts book cover

Two new reviews of ‘Gender Hurts’ today, both from men, one of whom has actually read the book.

The first is from Dallas Denny, who previously campaigned with Jamison Green, the President of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a medical lobby funded by the pharmaceutical industry) in an attempt to censor the publication of this book BEFORE IT HAD EVEN BEEN AUTHORED.

Denny opines in today’s first offering:

 “[Managing Director of Books Jeremy North of Routledge Press] suggested we could review the book after it was published. And now I’m doing just that. Or, rather, I expect I will, if ever I can bring myself to read it. What follows is not a thorough review, but an impression based on a lookover of Gender Hurts.

Interestingly, the page count of Jeffreys’ book is almost the same as Raymond’s; at 189 pages it weighs in…

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