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Pink Shorts in Public

I watched it all, no doubt GM will not approve my post but here goes.

Are you going out of your way to take offence at things? What this person is doing, I don’t have an explanation for, and I don’t know if he’s a tv or she’s ts, I really don’t care either way, and why should anyone else?

As for the exaggerated walking, I’ll try to give a possible answer for that. Men and women do walk differently, if you don’t believe me then pay close attention next time you’re in you local high street. To get a natural walk, to get anything to come natural, you have to practice, and sometimes you have to overdo it, so that when you do relax, you’re at the right level of the ability. Hope that makes sense.

As for the other comments here, please. You act all pissed that society tells women how they should be because of the anatomy they we’re born with, yet you have no quarms doing the exact same thing to anyone you take issue with, that’s called hypocrisy or double standards.

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