Dear Laurie Penny

I don’t use the word “TERF” to insult anyone, it is an acronym, and if the people I refer to using the word TERF are upset or offended by it, well they’ve upset or offended me first in some way, I don’t know, maybe they’ve called me a “tranny” or a man, or used some other language in a way they know is likely to upset or offend me. If I refer to you as a TERF, then I am calling you a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. It’s not a badge of honour, it’s not something I expect you to be happy or proud about. If I make racist comments to someone, then I may not like to be called a racist, but that’s what I’d be, a racist. If you’re a radical feminist, and you’re wanting to exclude trans women from women’s gathering, events and such, then how am I expected to refer to you? A LPWDLM? (that would be another acronym for a Lovely Person Who Doesn’t Like Me), but I think TERF is easier to say in a conversation don’t you?

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