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Julie Burchill entitled to ‘offend’ transsexuals, press watchdog rules

Julie Burchill entitled to ‘offend’ transsexuals, press watchdog rules

So the PCC, a body that has been described as unfit for purpose, a body that is run by the newspapers to govern the newspapers, has said that it’s ok to offend a group of people, as long as you don’t offend an individual of that group.  So, you can offend the trans community with your comments, that’s all fine and dandy, that also means you can make racist comments, anti-semitic comments, sexist comments, you can offend large swathes of people, oh, hang on, some football fans we’re making fun of monkeys the other day, and they we’re arrested for making racist gestures, how can this be?  Did one of the offended monkeys fill out a police report?  Was Barry the monkey abused in some way?  No you say?  Oh, the people arrested, we’re arrested, not because they we’re making fun of a monkey, or a group of monkeys, they we’re making racist comments of gestures?  But that’s ok isn’t it, as long as they don’t target individual people, that’s what the PCC seem to think.

Let’s just make this clear, as I can be a little sarcastic sometimes.

Racist comments / gestures etc are not acceptable

Homophobic, lesphobic & bi-phobic comments / gestures are not acceptable.

Transphobic comments / gestures are not acceptable.

Other comments / gestures that mock other people, are not acceptable.

If, you are mocking other people, it’s not because of a phobia, it’s because you are a moron, it’s that simple.  Children make fun of each other, they lie when they think they may get into trouble, but they are children and don’t know any better until their parent(s) / guardian / family / teacher etc tell them.

Don’t be a moron, if you don’t like someone, you don’t have to talk to them or have anything to do with them.

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And if the article had been titled “Paki’s should cut it out”, or “Nigger’s should cut it out”, she’d have been arrested already.

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Human Rights and the Radfem

Taken directly from the Radfem 2013 website at


We support the human rights of all people to live free from violence or verbal abuse. We support the existence of laws to ensure those rights are protected. We support the rights of all groups who are disadvantaged within society to autonomously organise. Although we support rights and freedoms for all, this conference will be focused on the liberation of all females.”

I guess they don’t view transpeople to be human then?

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