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The Making of a Transgender Child

And 7 is old enough to know you’re sexuality Gallus? Do you know how fucking hypocritical your comments are?

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GallusMag is a liar


GallusMag, of the “GenderTrender” blog, is a liar.

She has a post there which she claims is unmoderated, all comments are approved except for pornography and “doxxing”.

I posted a comment there, about two things – that groupthink is bad (on all sides) and that she posts hate. I explained that her post about Mina Caputo (WARNING: search for it only if you want to read prime hate speech) is pure homophobia with nothing else. Neither pornography nor “doxxing” was contained there. The comment was deleted.

The likely aim of her exercise is to approve only those comments from her opponents that she believes would show them in a bad light, or perhaps so something else beneficial for her project.

She is a liar. I now think that many, if not all, of the alleged “threats of violence” from trans activists are fabrications by her.

She continues her line by…

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Says it all!

Typical Tories.

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