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Suicide isn’t painless

When people feel such an overwhelming amount of stress or pressure, for whatever reason, they will sometimes crack, and take their own lives.  I now know four people who have successfully achieved that, one at 16, worried about his GCSE’s results in 1991 in my year of school, one in her 20’s who hung herself a few years ago in a communal area of the building I live in, who had suffered with depression for some time, one who took an insulin overdoese in 1997 after losing his job, his girlfriend, and I’m sure other contributory factors, and a fourth this year by an overdose, due to depression caused by years of bullying, for simply being herself.

Sticks and stones can break bones, but name calling can have some pretty dire consequences too. Think, before you open your mouth.

R.I.P. to my friends who are no longer here.


While I don’t agree with what he / she did, no fuck that, what he / she did was unforgivable, but you (Cathy Brennan surprise surprise) are applying sex / gender stereotypes when you fight against those that are imposed on you? That’s being a hypocrite in anyone’s books. Would you deny cancer treatment to someone who’d committed the same crime, I don’t think so.


The world is triangular in shape, oh wait, it isn’t, I have to rely on science to tell me what it is, even though people believed for centuries that it was flat and you could fall off the edge.


This post is not a scientific explanation, but simply a response to some of the comments on my previous post about intersex. So for totally clarity:

Intersex is a physical medical condition. There are always clear physical testable signs. For example, deformed genitalia or the presence of both male and female reproductive organs.

Transsexualism is NOT an intersex condition. There are no physical signs of Transsexualism, it is a psychological condition. So someone is a Transsexual because they say they are a Transsexual. There are no physical signs for Transsexualism.

Anyone claiming Transsexualism is an intersex condition is either misguided or lying.

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