Transgnder athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Please read the article linked here before continuing.  I wish Sarah Dittum still allowed comments on her blog.

Ok, read that?  Good.  Ok, this is a difficult one.  The article tends to generalise regarding the strengths and abilities of trans athletes, both mtf and ftm, making the claim that mtf athletes will have an unfair advantage over their non-trans competitors.  Hormone treatment for mtf’s is likeyl to reduce muscle mass, make the person weaker than they once we’re.  The reverse is likely to be true for ftm athletes, as they take testosterone to increase muscle mass and strength.  The article mentions that to qualify for their respective places, they have to fit within certain limits, but these are all elite athletes, their job in competing at athletic events is to excel, it’s to beat the other competitors, it’s to gain any ethical / legal advantage they can to do this, which normally means eating the right food, training using the relevant techniques, and practice, practice, practice, so for the trans athletes to qualify, they have to be “normal” putting them at a disadvantage from the start, which to me seems a bit pointless.  I’m not saying that putting the non-trans athletes at a disadvantage is any fairer, it’s a bad situation from someone on the outside looking in, but I’m guessing the people making these decisions have all the facts and figures available to make these decisions and make them in a fair way to everyone.

My sport of choice, is radio controlled model car racing, and in this, gender isn’t a factor, strength isn’t a factor.  Skill is, money certainly is, although there are rules to try to make that more fair with price controls.  The amazing thing about the rc racing community though is, although we’re all competing against each other, we’re all ready to help each other get out cars to perform better, drive faster, handle etc, and you’d think it would be the exact opposite.  I’ve been racing since 1995, and I’m no expert, and that doesn’t bother me as long as I’m competitive, which thankfully I am most the time.  If I won every race I entered or lost every race I’d soon get bored, and have to find something else to spend my hard earned on.

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When you’re a trans woman…

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Guns are not the answer.

After the latest US shooting, I wonder what the gun lobby will say now, that if the victims had been armed then they wouldn’t have been hurt? Oh wait, they were American police officers with fucking guns!

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*EXPLOSIVE FOOTAGE* of the ‘Women Speak Out’ Press Conference and Q&A

I stopped watching at just over 13 minutes because I couldn’t make out what was being said, the subtitles weren’t very accurate at all either. It appeared a lot of people in the audience we’re very vocal in saying that trans women are women, not men, which is what I believe. People get vocal like this when they are angry or passionate about something, and I heard both male and female voices shouting at the speakers. The first speaker, who tried to talk over the shouting, seemed to imply that she believes trans women are men, and made the point that she didn’t want her daughter to have to see a male body form until she chose to, and not have it “forced” upon her by someone bullying their way in the female locker rooms. Well I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but that statement is completely ignorant. Trans women who are pre-op or still in the possesion of male genitalia, are highly unlikely to want to share a communal changing space with anyone, man or woman. They don’t want to out themselves, they don’t want to be thrown out of the facilities and outed to all and sundry. What the speakers argument seems to forget (as do most critics of trans people) is that there are 2 sides to the trans coin, ie there are also trans men. Now most trans men will not have lower surgery so will not be in possession of male genitals for the very simple reason that it is extremely expensive, still very experimental, a lot of surgeries are required, and quite frankly, the end results are a bit crap, so, do you really want your daughter sharing a changing facility with a man that has female genitals, and possibly a big bushy beard. Isn’t that potentially going to confuse and scare her just as much if not more than seeing a trans woman. And then once again, you forget that if trans woman now have to use male changing facilities, there are going to be little boys pointing and asking questions and possibly getting confused or scared or do you only care about women and girls?

The simple fact of the matter is, the shape of my genitals has nothing to do with anyone else. The shape of your genitals has nothing to do with anyone else. Why do you care so much about what’s in my underwear? Oh, you’re assuming that I must be some kind of sex pest or pedophile, well sorry, I’m not. It’s more likely that a member of your own family or someone you know will attempt to assault you in some way, not some random stranger just trying to get on with their life. The arguments that are being used against trans people in toilets and changing rooms are the same lies used about lesbian, gay, bisexual, people of different colour / race / religion throughout history and it’s about time it stopped and a bit of common sense was applied.

Why am I not likely to assault you, you’re daughter or anyone else I might share a changing facility with? Because I’m not a sexual deviant who gets my kicks that way. I don’t want to be arrested for something like. I don’t want to end up in a prison somewhere, where most likely I’ll be the target of sexual attacks and a million other reasons that I don’t have internet space to expand on.

On a recent program about the Hillsborough tragedy (Sheffield Wednesday v Liverpool in a 1980’s FA Cup game if you didn’t know). Liverpool fans we’re accused of stealing from the dead. In the trailer for the program, a Liverpool supporter that was there asked the camera if they would rob from the dead at Hillsborough, of course they wouldn’t, so why would people expect him to? So I ask the question, would you assault another human being? No? Then why do you think I would?


Incredible, must-see footage of this event:

Women attempt a civil dialogue with Transgender Activists over conflicting rights! 

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KKK distribute anti-trans bullshit flyer

KKK flyer

Have a look at the above link before carrying on reading please, go on, I can wait.  Dum de dum de dum dem, ok read it?  Then carry on below

The flier quotes Deuteronomy 22:5: “A woman shall not wear that pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment. For all that do are an abomination unto the Lord thy God.” now, just for a minute, let’s imagine trans people don’t exist.  Men should only wear clothing intended for men, and women should only wear clothing intended for women according to the above quote.  Now I don’t see a lot of non-trans men wearing dresses and skirts, but I do see a lot of women, in fact more women tend to wear trousers than skirts now since any time I can remember, so all you non-trans women wearing trousers are abominations!  How many of these trouser wearing abomination women are members of the KKK?  And the KKK themselves tend to wear long robes, or to put it another way DRESSES!  OMG!!! Will the abominations never cease!

Fuck off KKK, no one wants to know what you think anymore.

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Gary Teetsel wants his Penis Rights

A commentator on GenderTrender wondered why FTM’s don’t have lower surgery, and the answer is a pretty simple one. The end results are currently pretty rubbish and there are many surgeries involved in even getting to that rubbish state. More MTF’s have lower surgery as that’s a more established and “perfected” surgery, but in places where you have to have medical insurance like the USA, a lot of trans surgeries aren’t covered, and to pay for them out of your own pocket is a small fortune.


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Milwaukee Pride Parade strips Veteran Lesbian Activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of Grand Marshall Honors

By her own admission, she doesn’t represent all of the LGBT, which a grand marshal should. I believe they should have asked her her views before stripping her of the post, but even in her response she uses transphobic language, she accuses transpeople of being a risk to children. It wasn’t that long ago that gay people we’re said to be a risk to children, and we all know that is a load of rubbish.



The nameless members of the Milwaukee Pride Parade Board of Directors stripped legendary rights activist Miriam Ben-Shalom of her honored spot as Grand Marshall of the June 12, 2016 “Heroes of Pride” event after men monitoring her Facebook page noticed women had made posts there that were critical of the idea of heterosexual “male lesbians”.

Miriam Ben-Shalom will be a familiar name to Lesbian and Gay Rights activists and historians. She was the first openly homosexual individual to be reinstated into military service after serving as plaintiff in multiple lawsuits and refusing a cash settlement.


After serving in the Israeli Army as an Armored Personnel Carrier driver, she enlisted as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army from 1974-1976, when she was dismissed on the basis of homosexuality, and served again from 1987- 1990 following her reinstatement after a decade of trials. She was then discharged, yet again, on…

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