There’s something wrong with the Jessica Yaniv story


I’ve been reading about this court case recently, after getting into a sort of twitter argument with comedian Ricky Gervais after his comments on the topic.  I’ve googled Jessica Yaniv, and all I seem to find, is anti-trans websites reporting on the case.  No verifiable independent source without an agenda.  What I’ve read about this person (I’m holding off referring to them as him or her and am instead using gender neutral terminology for the time being) is extremely disturbing and worrying, but it’s the same words, the same language, the exact same phrasing in every article I’m seeing, and that’s setting my spidey senses on edge.  Read about any story in the news, and you’ll find different reporting and opinion on the issue.  In this case, it’s as if there’s only one writer, and the same few photos,  with all the reporting sites are using the exact same copy and not changing it one little bit.  Terfs are gleefuly shouting “why aren’t the trans community speaking out again Yaniv?”.  Well, for the reasons I’ve already mentioned.  If I read something on a terf site, I’m immediately inclined to not believe it, and go search the internet for more opinions, just like I would with Fox News or the “newspaper”, The Sun, I don’t trust any of them.

I’ve been refused service in beauty salons before when I was first transitioning in 1999.  It was demoralising, upsetting, but I found a salon that didn’t have an issue with me and used their services, (this was for hair removing electrolysis on my face.  I was advised to hair permanent hair removal on my genitals before having lower surgery, and my then beauty therapist would have most likely been fine doing it, but I was fine asking.  If it was so neccesary, then it should have been provided by my medical team, as it was a medical issue, not to mention that electrolysis involves putting a thin needle (which feels like the size of the fattest knitting needle when it’s in you) into each hair folicle repeatedly over a long period of time).  That beauty therapist waxed my legs once, and believe me, once was enough!

So, if Jessica Yaniv is genuine, this is discrimination, but, if those salons don’t offer treatment of the genitals in question to be waxed, then it’s not.  There shouldn’t be any problem with them performing waxing on other areas that are common to both men and women, eyebrows for example.  I’m sure some salons will do waxing of those genitals, and that’s down to their discretion.  If someone doesn’t want to wax your genitals because they’re uncomfortable doing it, they shouldn’t have to do it.  I believe Yaniv was told that some salons for men would perform the procedure, but if Yaniv is genuine, then they’re probably not going to feel comfortable having a man do that so what needs to happen, if Yaniv is genuine, they need to find someone they’re confortable with, who’s comfortable with them.  If they’re not genuine, they need to stop what they’re doing immediatelly, as they’re doing a major disservice to the trans community.

The case is ongoing with a verdict predicted to be reached within 3 months.

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Fists, lies and videotapes

2 videos, please watch both in order

Video 1

Video 2

Now if you’ve watched both in the order I asked, in the first one at a “Woman’s Place UK” meeting, Linda Belos denies saying the thing she said in the second video.

So, Linda, what is it you actually said?

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Oh dear! Looks like WordPress have finally had enough of the transphobes

Oh dear! Looks like WordPress have finally had enough

WordPress censors GenderTrender; Gallus Mag responds. | 4thWaveNow
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Girl Scouts reject anti-transgender gift, then triple the money – Los Angeles Times

Girl Scouts reject anti-transgender gift, then triple the money – Los Angeles Times
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Transphobes deny reality

Clare Flourish

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. What has Woman’s Place UK achieved? Nothing that they should feel any pleasure in whatsoever. They have made Rupert Murdoch quietly satisfied, and enabled his organ to print as many as four trans-bashing articles in a week. They have made David TC Davies very happy- after trying to rile feminists in service of Islamophobia and anti-immigrant nationalism, he has finally managed to rile some of them against trans people, to further his far-right, hate-stoking ends. This is the MP who voted to limit abortion to 12 weeks, so making him happy is not a feminist cause.

What do they think they have achieved? They think the consultation on gender recognition reform is thanks to their agitation. Yet Justine Greening announced it in July 2017, two months before WPUK was formed.

They don’t understand the proposal, even after…

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Cisgender woman guilty of assaulting two transgender women in hate crime attack

Cisgender woman guilty of assaulting two transgender women in hate crime attack

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Trans Activists Smoke Bomb UK Newspaper Offices In Gender Recognition Terror Attack

Blue and purple flares. A peaceful protest against a recent article in the paper, with police present. No one was arrested, therefore no laws were broken. You people really like to make mountains out of molehills don’t you, or do you just like silencing dissenting voices?

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