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You might be a TERF if…

You might be a TERF if…

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Grow your own TURF

Grow your own TURF

Have your own TURF in your back yard!  Sprinkle your new turf with all the food and water it needs to grow into a strong healthy TURF.  Bounce footballs on your TURF, even have a war, on your TURF, yes, you can do practically anything on your very own TURF.

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Queer Dictionary – TERF

Queer Dictionary – TERF


Acronym for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. That group of feminists that claims that trans women aren’t really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when used against them, not when they use it against others.


Isn’t it mindboggling that the Royal College of Psychiatrists would invite a TERF like Julie Bindel to come talk at a study day on transgenderism and transsexuality? That’s like inviting Fred Phelps to come deliver the keynote at a gay pride.  


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An Easy Mistake to Make…

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Is no action sometimes better than action?

I’m planning on this to be my last post bleating on about a certain music festival in Michigan USAshire.  As a transwoman, I’m not welcome at this event, I don’t think that’s right or fair, it feels like they’re saying to me that I’m not woman enough to attend, it makes me think do they plan to have a vagina check on the gate sometimes, but that would just be silly wouldn’t it?  Well you’d think so.  I was at an NUS LGB (no t in them days, but I think there is now) conference at the end of 1999 in Cardiff.  Really nice place although didn’t get to see much of it at the time.  Anyway, on the night time, we heard talk of a local gay club checking the fingernails of women going into the club, which at first seemed odd to us, till someone said they we’re checking to see if the women we’re in fact lesbians or not (the door people have obviously never seen any porn that included lesbians, otherwise they’d know that ALL lesbians like men anyway, and come equipped with 9 inch talons on their fingers).  So none of us we’re very happy about this.  I don’t know if we planned to give the club a piece of our minds, but in the end, it seemed that this was just an urban myth, or maybe something that had happened previously but didn’t happen any more.  We all had a good night and got properly drunk anyway.

Back to my main point.  Some bands / artists that we’re approached to perform have said that while Michfest has their current policy regarding entry to transwomen, they cannot attend thus condoning this policy, and it seems they’ve left it at that, not wanting to try to upset anyone, but clearly stating their position  Over the years, an alternative camp has been setup nearby that has been trans inclusive (I don’t know if it was trans run, but it was in direct response to Michfest).

I’m thinking that maybe we should just let the people who attend these things get on with it.  Maybe have an online petition saying “we the undersigned blah blah blah”, but leave it at that and don’t give them any more publicity than they get now.  There’s is a dieing viewpoint, and maybe we should just leave it to die, so that in years to come people can look back and say “I can’t believe we used to treat people like that”.  You want to attend a music festival that discriminates against a portion of society, fine, you attend that festival, just let the rest of the world know so that we can decide to include or exclude you from our lives.

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Woman is not a feeling

Yes, there are biological differences, no one is debating that, but no ones body is 100% male or 100% female, we are an analogue rather than a digital. How can I tell you that I’m female? I dunno, just tell you how I feel, and you’ll might feel similar or not to that. I don’t see how someone being trans can hurt other people, unless they are directly hurting other people. Someone being a vegetarian doesn’t affect me as a carnivore, unless they wanted to stop me eating meat, (I could eat meat substitute but that’s not the point).

Live and let live, and if it aint broke, it doesn’t need fixing


I went to college in the early 90s, and I was exposed to all sorts of crazy (albeit compelling) post-modern theory. It was fun to think about, even to apply – to literature, to film, sometimes to politics. But if one had told the nineteen-year-old dyke I was that someday, in the not-so-distant-future, these ideas (best engaged in the hallowed halls of academia) would be applied in very serious ways to women’s existence, lesbian’s existence, I wouldn’t have believed it.

In fact, this is exactly what has happened in the dominant culture. We have taken post-modern theory and applied it to a subjugated class (women). We say, with straight faces, “Anyone can be a woman!” We say, without stuttering, “A man is a woman if he says so.” What we then are to infer is that “woman” is a meaningless term – a concept, a malleable notion, a bit of…

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U Wanker

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Toys for boys and toys for girls

I’ve just come back from shopping in my local Asda, and was walking down one of the isles with a set of parents, grandparents, and a little boy that looked to be about 4 years old.  Now I didn’t catch much of the conversation, and I’m not going to make any presumptions here, but this little boy had hold of a pink handbag with a little fluffy toy dog in it.  His mother and grandmother (I presume) we’re telling him that it was pink, it couldn’t be more pink and it was a girl’s toy.  I felt like I wanted to say something like if he wants it then why shouldn’t he have it, but didn’t.  The grandmother looked at me as I walked past giving me this look of “eeh, fancy him wanting a pink handbag of all things”, like I would nod in agreement or similar (don’t you just hate it when people do that to you, assuming you’re going to agree with them on something without them even knowing you?).  Anyway, as I walked back a few minutes later, they we’re further down this aisle and the boy still had the pink bag in his hand.  Now, I can understand the parents defaulting to thinking some things are for boys and some things are for girls however right or wrong that may be, but it occurs to me that if they didn’t want to get him it, they could have made up some other reason or excuse not to “we haven’t got much money at the money sweetheart, how about we come back later in the week to get it?”, chances are that at age, he’d have forgotten all about it later that day or week anyway, but why can’t we all be like 4 year olds sometimes?  This kid has no concept of sexism and what is “meant” for girls and “meant” for boys, he’s just seen something he likes and had asked his family to buy it for him, they’re the ones with the issue / problem here, not the 4 year old.


So about 5 minutes later I’m in the newly opened Home Bargains store across the road and I’m not intending on buying anything, just having a look right now.  I get to the exercise section and after seeing the colour coded wetsuits in pink and blue (which look so cute I want one in my size so I can go snorkeling), obviously the pink intended for girls and the blue intended for boys, and getting a little pist that they don’t have a couple of other bright colours that could be considered gender neutral like a green  or something, no, we have to force boys and girls into nice, neat little boxes from the earliest possible opportunity (that’s sarcasm by the way, just in case you missed my subtle sense of humour).  So, in the adults exercise section, again, they’ve colour coded the men’s and women’s exercise clothing in blue for boys and pink for girls.  Now, I do like pink, I prefer purple, but, in things like this where men and women have different body shapes for the most part, colour coding can be handy, however it is always blue and pink!  So they’ve got the blue running top, the blue running jacket to go on top, and the blue running shorts. In the pink corner, they have the pink running top, the pink jacket but, no pink running shorts!  Images of women exercising around my town clothed on the top half but naked on their bottom half like Donald and Daisy Duck spring to mind, so I ask one of the workers about it, and he looks for the pinks shorts under the other clothes (which I have to admit now that I didn’t do myself before asking), and nothing there.  He apologises and says they’re maybe more coming in tomorrow (they had just opened the day before so teething issues are not unexpected.  However, there’s no space for them.  The blue clothes cover 3 racks of tops, jackets and shorts in 3 sizes, small medium and large (shouldn’t exericse clothing, if any, go to bigger sizes?  After all bigger people are always encouraged to lose weight anyway.  Trying to exercise in sweat pants gets very awkward after a while), and the pink clothes are similarly racked but no more space for the shorts, so a whole section of items and racking would have to be rearranged to accomodate this (which I think should happen, I’m just thinking that with proper planning, this wouldn’t need to happen).  I’ll check later in the week and at other Home Bargain stores, but these 2 instances reminded me of something from my childhood.

Imagine the scene, it’s the mid 80’s, and I’m around about ten years old at a radio show event in the newly refurbished local shopping centre in Sunderland.  I’m there with my mam and nana (mother and grandmother) and a bunch of other people on a Saturday afternoon and the place is rammed.  All about me I see these girls with these things on their heads that look like alien antena’s (alice bands with springy  balls on the end, something like the Andorians from Star Trek).  All I could think was how cool they we’re and I wanted some, but I was told they we’re for girls and I couldn’t.  This really upset me, and I came up with all kinds of reasons why that couldn’t be the case, I didn’t know at the time what alice bands we’re and what they we’re for.  This was a couple of years before I realised I was trans.  I’d already wanted shoes like what the girls wore when I was 5, wanted to grow my hair long and as much as I didn’t want to get it cut, did enjoy my visits (when I was there) to get my hair cut, although the old man put the fear of God into me every time he asked me if I wanted to all shaved off (he was just being nice, he didn’t realise how much that scared me, and neither did I I think).

My overall point here is, let kids be kids.  If they want to do something, it’s not going to harm them or anyone else, it’s not dangerous and all the other things, then just let them get on with it.  We learn by doing for the first so many years of our lives, but intolerance and bigotry are learned behaviours that we should try to eliminate as soon as we possibly can.

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There are no words.

Saw this in Friday’s “Have I got news for you” 25th April 2014 episode.

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“Woman” arrested for bestiality ? News Media fictionalizes sex of crime suspect

Any you lot wonder in amazement why venues you hire cancel on you because of your hate speach??? Yes, what this woman (because that’s what SHE is), wanted to do is something that 99.99% of society more than frowns upon (me too included btw). Without going into if it’s actually possible for her to do it or do it without some permanent injury to herself, you only have to do a google search with the appropriate words to find out that this kind of thing is not limited to trans people, men & women whether trans or not get up to these kinds of things. Do they need some kind of mental help? Maybe, this kind of activity can’t be healthy for anyone involved to say the least.
I was feeling sorry that you’d lost the venue from the Quakers, as they are one of the most tolerant and open minded group of people you will find in my experience, but again, just do a search for some of the vile things some well known radical feminists have done in the past, and ask yourself is that acceptable behaviour? You want the world to change, to be less sexist for one, yet you bleat on about “typcial men” this, “typical trans” this. I’m afraid that’s a case of the pot and the kettle.

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