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I lol’d at this, but it’s true.

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Gender Identity Laws allow “Transwoman” to exhibit his erect penis in Toronto YMCA women’s locker room

I read about this recently, and it didn’t actually happen. Someone rang the ymca’s in the area to check the story, and they knew nothing about it. I know you won’t believe me GM, so I suggest you fact-check it yourself.

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“Katie Couric’s Gaffe”: otherwise known as When Female and Male Trans Collide

To put it into some context, how would a woman feel about being asked about their parts or scars after giving birth? Some would no doubt be fine talking about it, even showing the relevant parts, but other won’t be. Both views on this are and should be respected, but you can’t be shown any respect if you’re trans?

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DWP press office resort to hate language

I think the word “handout” isn’t well thought out, maybe “pay out” would have been better, but it does seem a little like a storm in a teacup to be honest, even though I completely understand the sentiment behind it.

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The DWP Press office allowed its mask to slip briefly last week when it resorted to calling benefits payments ‘welfare hand-outs’ in a press release which later became the Daily Mail’s headline story.

In an update about the benefit cap on Thursday 9 January headlined “Benefits capped for 33,000 households” the DWP explained that:

‘The Benefits cap limits welfare hand-outs to £500 a week. . .’

The next day, in its front page lead, the Daily Mail regurgitated the DWP press release:

“More than 33,000 households have had their benefits slashed since handouts were capped at £500 a week.”

The term ‘hand-outs’ is a deeply derogatory one, invariably used by those wishing to encourage prejudice and hatred towards claimants.

For the DWP to use the term ‘hand-outs’ is a shocking departure from the measured language and impartiality the public have an absolute right to expect from civil servants whose wages…

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Why does every intelligent Christian disobey Jesus?

Like all pro and con (is that the right way to phrase that?) views on religion, it doesn’t take the whole of it into account, and is very selective in it’s criticism. Yes, you should love your enemies, but it would be stupid not to have the means to protect yourself seems blaringly obvious to me. To me, being a Christian means to be Christ-like, which essentially means to be a good person, to treat others with kindness, respect and dignity. I’m a far way from being Christ-like in that sense, but it doesn’t stop me trying to be the best person I can be, and it doesn’t stop others trying to be Christ-like if they’re not Christians or don’t have a faith either – I hope I explained that how I meant it.Add your thoughts here… (optional)

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Cathy Brennan trying to erase the truth from the internet

Cathy Brennan trying to erase the truth from the internet

Look children, who complains about being silenced, yet goes round silencing others using the very same tactics she complains about.  Plenty more free video hosting sites Cathy, plus I do have my own dedicated server to host the video on and share with all my friends.  Isn’t that nice.

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PIV – Penis In Vagina, what I’ve heard about it from reading radfem blogs recently

If you’re not familiar with the term PIV, which I gather means Penis In Vagina sex, then here’s an introduction to it.  I read a blog a few weeks ago entitled “PIV is rape”.  I thought to myself, “oh my God! Rape!  They should do something to prevent that, that’s not right at all!”  or words to that affect.  When I realised that the blogger meant heterosexual sex in the “traditional” sense, I could help but think “what the actual fuck?”, a friend of mine who’s a lesbian said the same thing on my facebook page about it.  So apparently, all PIV is rape, because heterosexual women, can’t know they’re own mind and actually consent to sex with men can they, oh no, their pretty little heads can only deal with make-up, hair salon visits, shopping and cooking, oh but wait, that’s what they say the “patriarhy’s” view of women is, and they’re the bad guys.  The simple fact is, you don’t choose your sexuality.  Some are of the opinion that you’re born with the sexuality you are, I’m of a similar opinion, but I believe your sexuality develops over time, or at least you don’t notice it till a certain time, and that’s different for everyone, but most people assume it’s when puberty kicks in.

Personally, I’m attracted to women, which in my eyes would make me a lesbian, in some other people’s eyes it wouldn’t however, but they’re just plain wrong so to quote Bender “you can kiss my shiny metal butt”, except mine’s not metal, and it’ll only shine with the help of more lemon pledge, which hopefully will give it a nice lemony smell too.

Now like I posted above, the people who think PIV is rape, to me, seem to be insulting heterosexual women by saying they can’t know they’re own mind, they can’t make their own choices.  Again, no one chooses they’re sexuality, cause if we could, wouldn’t we all choose what’s easiest?  There’d only be heterosexual people in the world, because if you could choose, you wouldn’t choose an option that will result in arseholes giving you shit for it, but seeing as we can’t choose our sexuality, we either have to put up with said arseholes, or do something about them.

Anyway, so if PIV truly is rape, then obviously, we need to stop it from happening, so that means no more heterosexual sex for anyone, because it harms women.  My question that I asked remains unanswered though.  If PIV sex is no longer allowed, and no longer happens, what then happens to the human race?  If heterosexual couples aren’t having heterosexual sex, then women won’t get pregnant, won’t give birth, won’t be able to raise children, and those children won’t be able to do the same when they’re older, and that would give the human race roughly another 100 years of existance.  There’s a scifi film that explores a world where women can’t get pregnant staring Clive Owen and Michael Caine called “Children of Men” that I’d recommend watching, but it’s one of those films where you have to pay attention, as it get complicated and is a little hard to follow at times.

So, back to my question above.  Heterosexual sex is outlawed, so where do the future children come from?  You need the ingredients (for use of a better word) from both the male and the female of the species to propagate, and if you we’re to use the famous turkey baster method, erm, that still involves some element of PIV, which has now been outlawed.  So, the next option would be to take the “ingredients” and insert them into the mother caesarian style, but wait, doesn’t all surgical procedures carry some sort of risk?  So we can’t do that, especially when there are queues backing up for theatre time as it is, and that’s if you’re even in a country developed enough to have those facilities.  So do we grow our future young in labs, making sure along the stages that our new off spring is perfect in every way, and any defects are done away with all the way, because that’s what would happen.

Ok, I’m being slightly fallacious (sp?) there with my analysis, but the question still remains unanswered.  If PIV where to be outlawed, what do the opponents of it suggest we replace it with so the human race doesn’t die off?

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Privilege and why there is no such thing as “cis” privilege.

Firstly (and remove this bit if you want as it’s not relevant to this post) apologies for my part in our recent argument.

Cis privellege is a real thing, whether you are actively doing anything about it or not. Both you and me experience the negative effects of male privellege, but can we honestly say that every male is actively exerting that privellege making things bad for us? I’ve seen lists of the relevant privelleges (for the common ones we all know about), and I’ve thought “oh yeah, that makes sense, I never realised till just”, but for the life of me can’t think if ANY right now (it’s probably too early for my brain to be fully functional right now anyway lol).

To sum it up, it’s not as simple as your explanation, I’d say that is right, but, there are other additional reasons too why some have privellege over others.

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Dear Katie Couric: They’re just Regular Guys With Dicks

What business is it of anyone else’s what genitals they have, except those they choose to share that information with, like intimate partners? Please, tell me how you’d feel if you had to disclose the shape / configuration of your genitals every time someone talked to you, my eyes are up here by the way.

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