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Thw heterophobic cabbie


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‘Wolf-whistles’? ‘Cat-calls’? Make no mistake, this is nothing less than sexual harassment.

To quote the meerkat Alexander, simples, that’s how to solve this situation. The scaffolders shouldn’t have done what they did, their employers should have reprimanded them for it, and they should have apologised to the women in question, and reassured her that if anything like this happens again by the same people, then further disciplinary actions will be taken.

Now, just what exactly would you like to have seen done to these scaffolders as punishment? A formal warning? Getting fired? A public flogging in the town centre maybe, or should we just have a good old fashioned hanging?

The scaffolders were in the wrong, they should be told that and punished accordingly. The woman involved may have been hurt or upset and maybe pist off that this happened, but the good thing is that it’s a rare thing nowadays for it to happen.

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Trans activist outs himself as a pedophile rapist

It’s a 7 year age gap! Yes, the 22 year old should know better than to have set with s 15 year old, but the age gap is only 7 years ffs! Stop acting all disgusted and over reacting. There are plenty of couples in bigger age gap relationships. You’re only getting on your high horse on this because one of them is trans.

Privilege Denying Tranny


This was written by someone who goes by the name Cecelia Valentin, a narcissistic sociopath pedophile trans woman who wants everyone to pity him because he’s attracted to young children and is “dating” a 15. He’s fucking disgusting.

cecelia Valentine

Destroying Cissexism In Feminist Discourse
22 hrs ·
This is Admin Cecelia, you can find my actual profile at, I founded this page, I make most of the posts. If you are going to continue to read please understand this long status is going to contain some really really heavy shit, if you’re not okay with content involving child rape, pedophilia or CSA it’s best if you continue on, I’ve poured my heart into this post so maybe you’ll want to give it a chance any ways. Please understand that coming out about this in this way has been the most painful thing I have ever had to do, I…

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Transgender in Women’s Locker Room

It’s a simple enough issue here. If the trans person has just transitioned, then they should use a bit of common sense and know that this situation may occur and try to find some middle ground for a certain period of time. Secondly, if pre-op or non-op, they shouldn’t be appearing naked to other people, that’s what cubicles are for.

Now, the woman (Lisa) who complained and took a photo, what was she doing taking a photo in the changing areas anyway? I’ve been to my local swimming pool 3 times in the past week and there’s a clear sign saying no phones / cameras to be used in the changing areas. I’m in there as part of my new job, and I am post-op, but I’ve always used cubicles when they’ve been available. In this instance for me, I’m using a double cubicle as I’m a carer for someone.

Lastly, let’s just say this person was female from birth but just didn’t fit societies expectations of beauty. This would be reported completely different, especially on blog pages like Gender Trender where’s
I’m reblogging this from.

Being transsexual is a medical issue. Being a transvestite or crossdresser is a pleasure issue, and if you can’t distinguish between the 2 them how stupid are you?

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