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Cathy Brenan is at it again!

After Ellen’s response to Cathy Brenans lawsuit.

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The RadFem Crocodile Tears and Lying Claims of Persecution

When did Michfest start allowing transwomen?

Women Born Transsexual

When you are partner in a law firm that represents some of the most irresponsible and reprehensable Wall Street Banks and Financial Institutions you are not one of the common people.

You are the problem and not the solution.

When you and another lawyer write letters to the UN urging them to not extend basic human rights protections to transsexual people then you are more like a Nazi than representitive of any progressive movement that has ever existed.

This makes any claims to being a feminist highly dubious.

Targeting a minority group that world wide comprises a tiny fraction of humanity (some where between one tenth and one quarter of one percent of all people) and blaming that tiny minority of people for all oppression of women and for both misogyny and the perpetuation of the patriarchy bears a strong resemblance to the behavior of anti-Semites who want to blame…

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Letter to GenderTrender from a Gay Man

Congratulations, you’re a gay man, I’m a transsexual lesbian like so many people I know. Like so many gay transmen. Sex, sexuality and gender identity are 3 different things.

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Aydin Olson-Kennedy, MSW urges “Gender Surgery” for Down Syndrome Child in Intensive Care Unit

And I thought you lot were “pro-choice”, I guess you limit that to choices you approve of, so you have something in common with the religious right wing nutjob a then.

HE seems to be a very articulate very genuine and sensible young man. Not all Down Syndrome is as severe, some are very mild, but even the more extreme know their own mind and know what they want and are genuinely more honest than the vast majority of society. Why he’s in intensive care I don’t know, so he obviously won’t be having surgery till he’s fully recovered.

Nice way to twist the facts of this btw the way Gallus, love the way you lie.

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Sexism in games

I got my xbox 360 back late last week from having the cd drive be repaired / replaced, so treated myself to a new game in town yesterday. Ok when I say new, I mean Fifa2013 which is actually 3 years old, but when you consider it cost me £1.50 and the latest version Fifa2015 is selling for £45.00, I think I got a bargain.

So I finally got round to playing last night before bed. Chose career mode, picked my home team of Sunderland (that’s where I come from btw), put in my name and details and went on to buy the players I wanted. I managed to buy D’Gibreal Cisse for £6,000,000 (I’ve spelt that wrong I know), Thiery Henry for £3,000,000 and David Beckham for £300,000 but couldn’t sign an old wear side favourite Kevin Phillips as he was due to retire at the end of the season (super Kevin Phillips was a Sunderland legend in his time scoring 30 goals in a season).

So I carry on happily playing my game, but notice that all the references to me as the manager assumed I was a man.  Now I know this game is 2-3 years old now, but still, EA should know that both male and female players have games consoles, and it’s just bad coding to do these kinds of things. Even Codemasters do it in their F1 series, and that’s with an actual female driver driving for Williams occasionally on the Friday (Suzie Wolf).

So come on games makers. Lots of other games have the choice to make your character male or female, even going back as far as Streetfighter 2 in the early 90’s, so you’ve really no excuse. Release a patch or make changes to your next release, but it’s about time their was gender equality in games.

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750g of pist offness

A wolf whistle is generally considered a bad thing nowadays. You get an attractive woman walking past a building site and the builders (normally all male) whistle and make comments, some good, some bad, but regardless, normally unwanted and can make the target feel really bad.  Thankfully, that’s something that is a rarerity in the 21st century. Unfortunately, there are still other unnaceptable things that happen, and I experienced it first hand twice this morning.  It was anything directed at me. When that happens I can smile back at them, give them 2 fingers and walk off, I might still feel bad but I can deal with it. This was about a lovely lady that I’m a carer for.  J has Alzheimer’s disease, which causes her to act in an unpredictable almost childlike way sometimes, with confusion and anxiety, forgetfulness and sheer panic being a daily thing.  So I went to the local butchers today to get some meat for a bbq were planning to have soon, and one of the staff there asked about J, I replied that she was fine (I’m not supposed to give out any detail, and saying fine is ok), and then he said for the second or third time, “she is funny isn’t she”, and I just wanted to lash out at him. I thought to myself later how to handle the situation if it happens again, and I wouldn’t do this, but I was thinking “you know what is funny? A broken nose”, to which I’d expect the reply “that’s not funny”, and I could say “oh, well there’s 2 things then isn’t it”.   I’ve told done family members about this, but not J’s husband, mainly as I don’t want him feeling bad or doing something he might later regret.  It just disgusts and appals me that some people think this is ok.  It happened about 30 mins later too when someone said “she’s getting worse isn’t she”, but it wasn’t in a concerned way, which again just really got me all riled up.j

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Dear Trans Bigots: Point Out Which Rule I Have Violated

You know full well that no one objects to you campaigning for women’s or lesbian rights, but you do it at the expense of trans rights and you dam well know that. We ALL deserve equal rights and to be treated fairly, but you post photos of yourself with cartoon cut-outs of trans woman with comments like “sorry about your dick”. You really want to help people, then help them, stop spreading your bile and bullshit, because we can all see right through your lies.

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

Answer – NONE

So, I would suggest you stop pretending that lesbian advocacy and activism is unethical or illegal!

Also, please do not pretend you are interested in “free speech.” Really, truly.




[1] A lawyer, as a member of the legal profession, is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.

[2] As a representative of clients, a lawyer performs various functions. As advisor, a lawyer provides a client with an informed understanding of the client’s legal rights and obligations and explains their practical implications. As advocate, a lawyer zealously asserts the client’s position under the rules of the adversary system. As negotiator, a lawyer seeks a result advantageous to the client but consistent with requirements of honest dealing with others…

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My Disservice to My Transgender Patients

I gather that the author of the piece is a lesbian, so I’m sure she’s been asked the question when younger “are you sure it’s not a phase?”, “why don’t you like men? Are you I’ll?”. These are ignorant questions even if they come from well meaning people. Fact is, that if you are part of a marginalised community then it’s going to affect your mental well being and to think otherwise is wishful thinking. The author is not a transgender specialist, and if she wasn’t comfortable treating transgender patients, then she should have said so, but we all need medical treatment of some kind in our lives. We all need to do other things like eat and drink. It may seem reasonable to some to not treat trans patients for their trans related issues, but what next? It the supermarket cashier refused to serve someone because they took exception to them based on something like looks, then that’s disgraceful and they should expect to be sanctioned by a manager or similar. The author is a doctor, do no harm, treat the sick, keep your personal and professional opinions separate and just do the best job you can.

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Fox News Toy Story

Read the story and watch the video here Fox News toy story

I don’t watch Fox News (mainly because I live in the UK and have serious news reporters I can watch / listen to) but have heard lots about it, but news reporters should properly research and report a story, from this video, they’ve not done either properly.  One of the panel said he has to ask in the opticians whether certain glasses were male or female, and I’m thinking 1 – should’ve gone to Specsavers, and 2 – they’re glasses! They don’t have a gender, if you like them them buy them, if you don’t then keep looking for a pair you do like (it’s always puzzled me that when you’re buying new glasses and you try them on to see how they look, how are you supposed to know how they look on you when they don’t have your prescription lenses in them!!)

Kids will head straight to the toy department and will find what they want, and if a boy wants a Barbie or a girl wants an Action Man / GI Joe, then they won’t have that immediate feeling of stigma that can be attached with that. They’re friends may make them feel bad about it, but that attitude isn’t coming from them, it’s coming from their parents.

Fox News, don’t treat you’re audience like they’re stupid, and they won’t act stupid.  If you want to buy a toy for a boy or a toy for a girl, look in the toy section, you’re an adult and it isn’t that difficult. You manage to do your weekly food shopping I imagine, and supermarkets are constantly moving things around. Yes that bugs the shit out of people, but you survive, you don’t starve to death because they’ve put the cheese where the toilet rolls used to be, so stop you’re whining and grow up for fucks sake.

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Contraception percentage



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