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Channel 4: Dr. Julia Long on the #TransInquiry Report

And the bigots and idiots are out in force tonight on Gender Trender.

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Transgender person shot: ‘Hospital staff laughed whilst they bled’

I just don’t have the words to describe how sickened I am by this.


Transgender person shot: ‘Hospital staff laughed whilst they bled’

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Newsnight | Is transgender the new civil rights frontier?

The debate was a little hard to follow, especially with everyone seemingly interrupting each other, but I suppose that’s going to happen when you only have 6 minutes to make your argument.

Firstly, transwomen are not men, so including them in statistics of male violence is wrong to start with. I’ve not seen the bit with Kellie Maloney yet, but I’ve heard her story (sick of hearing about her bloody story if I’m honest), and it does ring a chord / bell with me. Pre-transition, assuming transition is what you’re trying to avoid, there is the tendency to over-compensate with things. Now I’m not excusing violence, nothing excuses violence, but there’s always a reason for someones actions, and it’s not always as black and white as some people would make out.

Sarah Ditum

Last night, I took part in a Newsnight debate with trans activist CN Lester on Maria Miller’s report into trans rights – and how its findings could affect women. You can watch the discussion above, or watch the full episode on iPlayer while it’s available.

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