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Trans Rights are Penis Rights!

OMG FFS! I can’t tell who is being more stupid here. I’m no fan of GM here, but FFS! Can’t we all just treat each other with a little respect and dignity, and then maybe, we won’t have the problems in life that we have. If someone treats you badly, they’re an idiot, if you respond just as badly, you’re an idiot too. That doesn’t mean that turning the other cheek or just ignoring them is the best option, but don’t stoop to the level of idiots. If you have a valid point or argument, it’ll stand on it’s own merits. How someone else chooses to live their life, has nothing to do with me / you etc, unless it involve me / you / etc. Me being on a diet, doesn’t affect anyone but me for example. If while dieting I’m punching someone in the arm repeatedly (why I’d be doing that I’ve no idea), then tell me to stop, tell me I’m an idiot, tell the person I’m hitting that they shouldn’t put up with it. If what I’m doing has nothing to do with you, keep your nose out, and vice versa etc. Hope that makes sense.

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‘Biggest problem is young girls in miniskirts’ – video

The video on this webpage may take some time to load, it did for me and I’ve got a pretty good broadband speed.

I don’t know where to start with this, so I’m going to quote my favourite TERF Cathy Brennan – “Are you fucking kidding me???”. In the video, the man says it’s not his brother’s fault that he has sex with an underage girl, no, it’s her fault for wearing a miniskirt, or social services for letting her out late at night.  Playing devils advocate here, some girls who are underage (that’s 16 in the UK), look older than 16.  Anyone who’s seen Trainspotting will get this, but in most cases, under 16 year old girls, look like under 16 year old girls, and if they don’t, then maybe, just maybe, that could excuse a “one-off” say if you meet in a pub or club, you’re smashed off your tits and not thinking with all your available brain cells, I’ve done that before myeslf, they we’re older than me, but when I woke up the next morning, yikes!  Now this all stems from something that’s happened in Rotherham recently, where near enough 1,400 girls are said to have been groomed for sex, mainly by Asian men in the area.  Those figure area shocking, I don’t want to believe they could be true, but that’s part of the problem.  No one wants that kind of thing to be true so it can so easily go overlooked, and if there truely are gangs doing the grooming, they’re going to be fairly good and careful about what they do, and are going to have ways of means of getting kids to do what they want initially, and then keeping them doing what they want, we’ve all heard the stories of how this is done.

So, to sum up, fuck you and you’re brother.  I know you want to support him, I know you want to believe he’s telling you the truth, but for fucks sake.  Stop blaming the victims, stop blaming other people, the only person . people that are to blame, are the ones carrying out these acts with underage kids.

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