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Help the homeless

According to the calendar on my iPhone, it’s currently the year 2018, although if you take a walk round a lot of towns and cities in the UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking Queen Victoria was still on the throne.

People sleeping rough on the streets used to really only be something you’d see in big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham etc. Now it seems like every town has people without homes, sleeping rough on our streets.

It struck me speaking with someone tonight that the solution is staring us in the face, a short term solution at least. 2 years ago, BHS went bump, and a lot of those massive shops are still empty. Woolworths went bump ten years ago, and there’s still some of them lying empty and neglected, and with the size of these ex retail premises, no business in the internet shopping age needs that kind of space anymore, so, buy or rent these buildings. Deck them out as homeless shelters, bedsits, flats, etc, so that homeless people aren’t left sleeping on the streets, and can get some order in their lives. If we can spend 30 million on a royal wedding, however many billion renewing a nuclear weapons system that none of actually want to be used, when a government can bribe another political party to support them in government, then I’m sure we can find the money somewhere, to help the most vulnerable people in our society.

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GenderQuake Debate

GenderQuake Debate video – Due to copyright issues, this video may not be viewable in certain parts of the UK, but, if you are in the UK, you can view the whole debate on Channel 4’s ALL4 service by clicking here. Channel 4 don’t tend to remove content from their on-demand service, but I’d still recommend viewing it asap if you want to.

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