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Radical Feminists – WTF?

So I just started this blog today after trying to have an adult arguement on someone else’s blog.  She had some ideas that I completely disagree with, and she seemed to be getting her “facts” from the magic pixie wikki fairies that must live at the bottom of her garden.  Now as I understand it, feminism is about equality and my understanding on equality is that is must apply to everyone for it to be equality, otherwise some are more equal than others,  what radical feminism is, is a mystery to me, unless it’s feminists who ride skateboards and say “radical” when they do a wicked trick.  If someone would like to explain it to me in the simplest of words so even I can understand, then I’d really appreciate that, but please do it  using words you might pressume I know, phrase it as though you’re talking to a 5 year old, and we might all understand.

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Hello world!

Well after getting annoyed with so many different things recently, I decied that ranting on FaceBook just wasn’t cutting it anymore so have set myself up a blog here on WordPress.  I’ve not a lot of ideas on what I might post right now, as I’m kinda tired from trying so many different names for this blog that had already been taken, anyways, fee free to comment, but please don’t be abusive to others, no hate speach or nastiness as I’ll simply not approve or will delete those posts and remembe, free speach comes with responsibility of speach.

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