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Transgender “Hate Crime” Victim ‘Dakota Kern’ Exposed

Let’s see, 2 immature idiots get into a fight with each other, punches and insults thrown at both from both sides. The first attack is one on one, the second is multiple people attaching one person. Neither situation can be justified.


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Seems there’s more to the story about the “transgender teen” allegedly assaulted in an anti-transgender bias attack at an Arizona pool party. Turns out the “victim”, white male legal adult (18 years old) Dakota Kern had posted a Facebook video three days prior which showed him beating up a teenage black girl and dragging her around by her hair – apparently in retaliation for calling him “dude”.

Sandra Rose has the receipts:

“A gender confused teenager was attacked by a group of people at a Phoenix, Arizona pool party after he uploaded a video of himself beating a young black girl for calling him a “dude.”

Police say a group of about 20 people attacked 18-year-old Dakota Kern at a pool party on August 16 — about a week after he uploaded the video to his Facebook page.

Kern, who is white, is seen dragging a young…

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