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Federal Judge rules Title IX protections are based on sex, not stereotypes

Ah, if only everything in life was as simple as yes or no, black or white, on or off. What you fail to realise is is this kid will grow up, may eventually take testosterone injections, get hairy, grow a beard, and then end up scaring the women and girls when HE goes into the public toilets you’d have him go in. He shouldn’t have to use the disabled toilets or unisex toilets or whatever the school is calling them, as he’s not unisex or disabled. Like a poster has already said, a wheelchair user needs a well thought out / planned toilet space, which is why although you do get wheelchair toilets in sex segregated toilets, most are unisex.

As for title IX, this is a rule that gets interpreted in all manner of different ways by different people, and really needs clarifying or changing.


Gavin Grimm Gavin Grimm

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Doumar rejected the Obama administration’s attempts to eliminate Title IX sex-based protections for women and girls and replace them with social stereotypes based on sex. The ruling came in the case of Gavin Grimm, a sixteen year old girl who believes that people have inborn mental characteristics based on sex, and that she has the personality of a sperm-producing individual. Individuals with this belief system call themselves “Transgender” and consider what they believe to be a mis-match between personality and reproductive biology to be a psychiatric condition.

Grimm believes her personality is one of a biological male, and that therefore she is a male with a female body. She would like to express this belief by using the urinals along with the males in the public restrooms at her school. Transgender adherents also believe that individuals who have personality traits “innate” to…

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Pope admits defeat

Pope admits defeat

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The Anxiety Culture, and how to fight it…

I notice that they don’t have any mentions from “The Daily Mail” on the faq page, they must be too busy writing about the billions of immigrants hijacking lorries in Calais headed for the UK to make time for them.

I’ve only had a read of the faq page so far before commenting, and will give its a few days reading, but I already get the feeling, that while it might be truthful in what it publishes, sometimes ignorance can be bliss (my moods can be brought crashing down to earth far too easily sometimes).

Thankfully, after 18 months on the dole, I started a new job just over 3 months ago. Easy enough to do, and decent money, but I’m 200 miles from home and have almost no time to myself to do the hobbies and interests I have, but without a job, I don’t have the money to do the hobbies and interests I have, so I guess based on that then I’m a wage slave too. Veering slightly off topic (so apologies for that), what I found really annoying when I wasn’t working, was that because I had worked for over ten years solidly, and had paid into the system all that time, that when it came to claiming benefits (JSA or ESA at the time), I was put on “contribution based” benefits rather than “income related”. Now up until last year I didn’t really know the difference between the 2, but assumed that contribution put you in a better position, which isn’t the case. I got the same weekly money, got the same housing benefits as someone on income based, but any time I needed a little extra help like a budgeting loan or similar, I was told that I wasn’t entitled as I was on contribution based benefits rather than income based, so because I’d paid into the system, I was worse off than if I hadn’t, which pardon my language, really pist me off! But, like I’ve already said, I’m working again now, so lessons learned (hopefully), and I’ll know better for the future.

The Prime Directive

I have been quite remiss in not featuring this site before. It is an anti-work, anti-capitalism site which concentrates on the psychological effects of work and capitalism on the individual, and how they frame concepts in order to indoctrinate us. Highly recommended. Subgeniuses will find a lot to like about it as well.

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Sandy v. Tempe Tavern (USA)

Gender Identity Watch


Briana Sandy, a Man who identifies as a Woman from Gilbert who was asked to leave a Tempe bar Saturday, filed an official complaint with the city of Tempe, Arizona Diversity Office. Sandy, 55, alleged he was discriminated against because of his gender identity by a bartender at the Tempe Tavern when he went in to drink a soda and watch the Belmont Stakes. The complaint is the first to be filed since the Tempe City Council approved and adopted an anti-discrimination ordinance in February 2014. The ordinance makes it illegal to discriminate against a person based on their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, among several other characteristics.

Transgender woman files Tempe discrimination claim

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Gabriel “Brielle” Harrison @nyteshade @Facebook (Internet)

When you sign upto Facebook, you agree to abide by Facebooks terms and conditions. When you don’t abide by those terms and conditions that you have said you would, what do you expect to happen? Gender Identity Watch is nothing but a rabid hate-spewing piece of garbage, and Facebook should be applauded for having the good sense to remove it whenever it spews it’s hate and bile.

Gender Identity Watch


Gabrierl Brielle Harrison is a Man who identifies as a Woman. He is also a Facebook engineer who implemented the multiple gender options on Facebook. He has made public statements that he censored Gender Identity Watch.

Harrison does not apply Facebook’s Community Standards; rather, he engages in censorship of political speech by Women, Lesbians and Gay Men.


He is also Facebook friends with some of the most rabid transwomen misogynists on the Internet, including:

4321Gabriel has previously used an email address with the handle “kumslut.” Such a person is exactly who you want in charge of deciding what constitutes hate speech (if you are a Men’s Rights Activist.)

Gabriel Harrison Gabriel Harrison

Advanced Background Checks.

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New Statesman | Blood alcohol tests in pregnancy: what do women lose when their bodies are scrutinised like this?

I can understand pretty much all the argument from all sides of the debate on this one, but there’s one major issue here that’s been missed. I’m betting that a lot of pregnancies start with both parties being extremely drunk, and then a green light doesn’t suddenly appear out of no where to say “you’re pregnant!”, so again, I’d guess that most pregnancies would go unknown for at least a couple of months. Yes ideally if you’re pregnant then you’ve not only got your health to consider but the health of the foetus, assuming you plan to carry on to full term with the pregnancy. Guiltripping someone who’s pregnant really isn’t a sensible idea though is it. It’s a time when your body is going through all kinds of changes and you might not know whether you’re coming or going half the time, so I think something called “common sense” (a valuable and rare commodity in 21st century Britain it seems) comes into play. Of course you shouldn’t be downing jaeger bombs like they’re smarties, and of course you should try to stop smoking or at least cut down. These aren’t urgent issues we need warning about because we already (or should) know these things.

For the author of the piece Sarah Dittim, I’m trans, so never going to be pregnant, I’ve also had a heart attack 2 years ago. Before I could get practically any NHS treatment for being trans I had 2 see countless shrinks and doctors and nurses, just to make sure I was “of sane mind”. They don’t seem to think that if you’re looking for the help you need, you’ve already gone over most of the arguments in your head yourself. Because of my heart attack, I’m supposed to drink less, and because of the amount of mess I’m on, when I do drink the effect is multiplied it appears, so I get drunk easier and quicker, which makes for a cheaper night out, but we all know the dangers of too much drink, I know that I’m now at increased health risk, but I have the information so I can make the choice myself.

Fwiw, I hate abortion, hate it with every fibre of my being, but while there’s still reasons for women to seek abortions, we still need it to be an option, or in other simpler words, I’m pro-choice.

Sarah Ditum


When women are increasingly scrutinised and shamed for the way they tend to actual or potential foetuses within them, it is not paranoid at all to feel this legislation as the cold hand of a threat laid on women’s backs.

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Adam and Steve?



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