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The Gender Police and Women’s Loos

Challenging Journeys (Phase 2)

Ladies, we’ve all been there, queuing for the loo with that growing sense of dread – did I remember to put my birth certificate in my handbag? As we all know, access to women’s facilities is subject to approval from the gender police, and the terror when you approach the attendant with the explanation that you used a different bag this morning, you don’t know how it happened, but the little wallet with your birth certificate didn’t get transferred, but here’s my driving licence and, look, it’s suitably gendered – all the time hoping that your bladder doesn’t give out before being granted access to the cubicle.

Utter rubbish, of course. Possession of a birth certificate stating you are female doesn’t grant or prevent you access to the ladies loos. Lest my male-identifying readers suddenly think, “wey hey”, there are public order offences galore. If you act in a predatory…

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Twitter ye not!

Oh dear, it looks like Dr Radfem has had her twitter account suspended for violating their terms & conditions where abuse of others is concerned. Let’s all take a second just to think about this, and decide whether to laugh on the breath in (ala Jimmy Car) or on the breath out (ie like most people).

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Transgenderism & Militarism (This Week in Transgenderism #22) featuring Ian Finkenbinder and Other Men

Short video? It’s over 20 minutes long! Lol

I’ll watch it all later, but, I can give you a possible answer which you may have already thought of yourself. Like you said, the military is a “hyper masculine” thing, well, and I can only speak for previous generations / older transwomen on this. We fight, we don’t want to be trans knowing how we’re seen in the media, by society etc. We think we’ll be mocked, loss friend and family, so if we can do this very masculine, maybe that will “cure” us. It doesn’t work though, which is why you’ll find that a lot of ex military transwomen have 20 or 30 years worth of military experience behind them.

I know you don’t like the whole idea of trans, but if you try to look at things logically and from someone else’s point of view, you may not agree with their logic, but you may understand it.

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There’s a TERF on my shoulder

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Once more for the people at the back: abortion rights and trans rights are the same struggle

Another angry woman

Content note: this post discusses anti-choice sentiment and transphobia

Today, I got a tweet from a TERF expressing a desire to reduce the abortion time limit, using the same concern-trolling language as noted womb-botherers such as Nadine Dorries.

It didn’t surprise me.

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first: TERFs are about as feminist as Jim Davidson. They’re also very comfortable with forming political alliances with conservative men, and indeed prefer to date conservative men as they have more in common with them politically. So it’s hardly a shock that they’ve been parroting patriarchal talking points.

Then we have the media transmisogynists like to pretend that trans women pose a problem for reproductive rights activism, which is a deliberately disingenuous misrepresentation of the fairly uncontroversial demand that when we talk about reproductive organs and human bodies, we’re gender-neutral about it, because that’s more precise. It simply isn’t…

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