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Radical Feminists – this is the face of your enemy, scary isn’t she with those razor sharp braces

Radical Feminists – this is the face of your enemy, scary isn’t she with those razor sharp braces


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Is it April already? I’d laugh at the bullshit included in this, if I thought the author was actually making a joke.


Dirt at “The Dirt From Dirt” posted a brilliant dissection of the racism and homophobia at the core of transgender attack (read death threats and harassment) of feminist Suzanne Moore’s use of the term “Brazillian Transsexual” -specifically her comment that sparked the transgender death threats, etc. against Moore: ““We are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual.”


Dirt parses the other (non-feminist) venues that have used the same phrase without objection from the feminist-targeting trans politic, and breaks down the demographic – the white racist heterosexual homophobic autogynephile- behind the recent attacks against feminist speech. In short, the same demographic that is always at the core of attacks against feminists vis a vis “gender”.

Dirt argues compellingly that the majority of male transgenders who are privileged white heterosexual male autogynephilles (men…

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Feminist Ire

Originally posted at Consider The Tea Cosy

I was going to write something fairly light-hearted today and pop it in the queue for next week. Maybe get working on one of the stack of comics I have notes sketched out for. Maybe talk about how I just started roller derby, or share a few badly-lit phone pics from Glasgow. Waffle on about love and creativity and how I can’t seem to think up a halfway decent derby name. Maybe finally share my to-die-for vegan chili recipe.

You’re all going to have to wait for the chili, though, because Julie Burchill is at it again with one of the most sickeningly vile transphobic screeds I have ever heard. I’m not exaggerating, by the way. I’m a reasonably-thick-skinned cis person. Trans hate speech isn’t directed at me. It took me several tries to get through this article. Trigger warning, therefore…

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The article is disgusting, but the amount of responses letting the paper and JB knowing this is something to be happy about. You’re kind of ignorance and bigotry is a thing of the past, leave it there.



Transsexuals should cut it out

It’s never a good idea for those who feel oppressed to start bullying others in turn

Suzanne Moore.
Suzanne Moore, victim of the trans lobby. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

From The Observer:

“The brilliant writer Suzanne Moore and I go back a long way. I first met her when she was a young single mother living in a council flat; she took me out to interview me about my novel Ambition (republished by Corvus Books this spring, since you ask) for dear dead City Limits magazine. “I’ve got an entertaining budget of £12.50!” she said proudly. “Sod that, we’re having lobster and champagne at Frederick’s and I’m paying,” I told her. Half a bottle of Bolly later, she looked at me with faraway eyes: “Ooo, I could get to like this…” And so…

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You have to look at this survey from the point of view of the people being asked. If you’re a transwoman, no matter how others see you, chances are, you see yourself as female, and transmen as men. so to say you’re attracted to women, includes transwomen, and to say you’re attracted to men, includes transmen.


sexual orientation 70 M2T , 30 F2T respondants milt diamond



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