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UK Transwoman Athlete admits to Triple Stab Attack on Sports Officials who discovered he was Male

What exactly has her trans status got to do with her attacking people? I don’t suppose there’s any violent women in the world ey? No prisons with women in them for violence or murder?


Living Life ‘as a Woman’ was like a career. Now I’m Retiring.

Oh my God! what a load of utter shit! You really expect us to believe this tripe? Using the exact words that terf’s use, and all the “classic” references etc. please, give me a fucking break.

An email regarding my dead Nigerian uncle who ran a bank while owning oil fields who died in a car crash without leaving a will is more convincing than this rubbish!

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The Wright Stuff puts one if its callers in its place.

The Wright stuff makes tea.

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Cher goes “No Homo” for Trans

You’re an idiot Gallus.

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