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The camera doesn’t lie

Funny how some people try to edit out the things they don’t like. The YouTube link is what happened leading upto the so-called “full 19 minute video” – can someone please provide a transcript, ‘cos all I hear is screaming and shouting.

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Keeping an eye on this one, I wonder if the University we’re told the exact nature of the conference.

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Congrats to Tumblr, for recognising bigots when you see them.

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I’m not sure this conference actually took places, conferences normally release minutes.

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.


London Radical Feminist Conference, July 2012

Statement from organisers

This July saw radical feminists from across the globe converge in London for the first women-only, radical feminist conference in 25 years.

What happened was important, urgent and necessary. Women of all ages and from many different backgrounds connected, discussed and organised, and the result was truly electrifying.

The agenda of the conference was shaped by some of the most significant issues affecting women today, with a particular focus on male violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Keynote speakers were Professor Sheila Jeffreys and Gail Dines. Panel sessions and workshops addressed topics including male violence against women and girls; prostitution; disability and women’s oppression; lesbian feminism, women-only organising and feminist culture; sharing knowledge across feminist generations; and challenging misogyny, along with several sessions focusing on organising. Some of the speeches may become available at a later time.

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I think Brennan might be guilty of harrasment and abuse too, but that’s ok seeing as she’s a radfem.

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I was overwhelmed by the response I received regarding last night’s documentary! The sheer amount of people who watched it was one thing, but the amount of tweets and messages wishing me luck and cheering the whole team on was absolutely incredible. For the three of us featured in the show, the fact that we, three female British weightlifters, made it to a mainstream TV channel for doing the sport we love is amazing. A few years ago the idea of that would’ve been unthinkable, which really shows how far the sport has come in such a short space of time. While it is still very much a minority sport, the amount of both participants and supporters is growing rapidly.We’ve even had a few people tell us we’ve inspired them to try weightlifting, which means the absolute world to us.

At the risk of sounding slightly up myself, I’d love…

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America, you need gun control


How many more people need to die America before you do something about your weapons of mass destruction?  Nut jobs with guns.  I suppose gunmen who go on the rampage don’t have a backyard full of oil though.

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What’s good for the goose – update

Wiki page for Cathy –

Photos of the “lovely” woman herself –

And details of where she works – – you might have to manually type the link in as it keep redirecting to google on my laptop.

Her employers take great pride in providing “Consumer financial services law and privacy law are what we do.”

I think they might be interested to know how she spends her spare time outing transpeople, putting their safety, their lives in risk.


Number 1  (as in, the 1st entrant ) in the bigots gallery “Cathy Brennan” aka bugbrennan of the radfems. Couldn’t hold a valid argument if you gave her something to hold it in.

The YouTube video shows some of what happened before / as Brennan was “attacked”, no wonder police forces round the world can’t cope.
Is “are you fucking kidding me?” the only words in her vocabulary?

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Radfems at it again and breach of copyright?

Well, those lovely radical feminists are at it again. The following “article” here on GenderTrender regarding an interview by Meta magazines Paris Lees with with feminist journalist Julie Bindel has cries of “oh wasn’t she mean to Julie” “wasn’t Lees’ wearing a lot of make-up” and other such “important facts” regarding the interview.

Now I don’t know where the law stands on this bit, but I’d think that publishing an article from a magazine lock stock and barrel, may be in breach of the copyright unless they have the publisher’s consent to do so. If I we’re the people running GenderTrender, not only would I seriously try being nicer to people (and then I might have some real friends that aren’t just “yes miss, no miss, three bags full miss – or with them being “radical feminist wymym”, should that be “yes ms, no ms, three bags full ms”), I’d seriosuly consider removing from the post any copyright material ie material that is not their intellectual property or material that they don’t have the copyright holders permission to publish, lawsuits can be such long and costly things.

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