Racist comments by comedian leads to gigs being cancelled

Link to the story here – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9781239/Comedian-Andrew-Lawrences-shows-cancelled-Twitter-posts-wake-England-Euro-2020-loss.html

He says…

What he fails to say, is that the white England keeper failed to stop 3 Italian goals.

Hurling abuse at footballers for being rubbish or useless or looking for acting awards when they go down is one thing (some are acceptable-ish and some are definitely not), but his comments are based solely in the fact that the 3 England players are black. Call them useless, call them overpaid pre-madonnas. Criticise their playing, their performance, but when the only reason your hurling abuse is due to something like their skin colour, that makes you a bigot. In this instance a racist bigot.

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