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Bye bye baby

Yesterday afternoon, I symbolically waved bye bye to my baby. A blue 59 plate Yamaha YZFr125. I bought her back in November last year, and only just started to ride in jan of this year, and then less than 100 miles. My blood pressure and other health issues are just getting too much for me. When I ride her, my fingers and toes are getting so cold due toy high blood pressure, that I can’t feel them, so can’t safely control the bike either.

I didn’t have her long, but I loved her and will really miss her.


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Not getting angry

I’m angry at Russia, but moreso the IOC and the sponsors of the games, but for my own health, can’t let myself get too angry. I agree with you on so much of this, even if I don’t agree with the tone of it, but I’m cool with that. For anyone who’s not seen it though, I’d recommend doing a search on YouTube for “Gay Mountain”, and share the link as widely as possible afterwards, you’ll understand why when you’ve seen it. It maybe a little thing they’ve done, but it’s still more than the other similar companies have done.

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The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform

I’m currently half way through watching this, and I don’t understand all of what she’s talking about, but I do strongly agree with her that definitions, or how we understand the words we use can be majorly important. I use a word and I mean one thing, but someone else may use that very same word and mean something completely different. However, I feel that she is saying that if you grew up female, you we’re taught to be subservient to men, and the opposite would be true if you grew up male. This to me sounds like someone comparing their grass to the grass on the opposite side of the fence, ie the grass is always greener, and she says this without experiencing it from the other point of view, and lets be honest here, we can only really have one point of view on this, and we either agree with people we see on our side of the fence or not in what is the common viewpoint. Yes I was brought up as male, it wasn’t till I was a nearly a teenager that I started figuring things out about my gender identity, but I did things that girls would do at 4 or 5, and I was left to it, and then when I got to a certain age, I was told not to do that, only girls do that. I don’t know why I did those things like skipping etc, I just did and I’m not going to go into detail investigating the wheres and whys of it, it’s just not that important in the grand scheme. What I’m trying to say is harder than it would seem, and you can analyse it all you want, but it would be just as easy and just as hard to explain why you like a certain flavour of ice cream, or why you don’t like ice cream at all. Me personally, my favourite is mint choc chip, but I like combining that with choc choc chip (if we’re talking scoops in a bowl here). Why do I like them? Because they taste nice, why do they taste nice? Well I’m not a scientist so I can’t answer that one, but they taste nice to me, and I’m sure they would to countless others, and to some they would be disgusting. I’ll post more later as I’m in danger of confusing myself now besides anyone else.

The Prime Directive

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Waving the white flag.

I officially give up trying to debate or reason with some people, namely TERF’s, or largely them anyway. I consider myself to be a feminist, I believe we should all be treated equally no matter our differences, but some people who complain that they’re badly treated don’t want equality it seems, they just want the roles to be reversed and they want to be the ones with the power, so that makes them no better than the people they complain about, it might make them worse because they KNOW those people they’re complaining about are in the wrong, and they want to do wrong to them like some kind of revenge.

So what to blog about now? Well this blog is about things that piss me off, that grind my gears. Anyone who’s seen “One foot in the grave” will realise (or should now) who the man is on the banner above. This blog is about those things that make you say “I don’t believe it!” and will most likely still be a way for me to vent my frustrations with the world and the ass clowns that make it their daily job to drop a steaming pile of bullshit in the path of others.

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