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This is getting ridiculous now – Virginia Elementary School Tells 8-Year-Old She Isn’t Girly Enough

This is getting ridiculous now – Virginia Elementary School Tells 8-Year-Old She Isn’t Girly Enough

The other week it was the 8 year old that was told he couldn’t take his My Little Pony lunchbox into school, this week it’s a girl that doesn’t look “girly enough”.  For fucks sake!  It’s not the kids here that have the problem, they’re happy with who they are, it’s the adults imposing their ideas of what being a boy or being a girl should be.  At that age, all you need to do is make sure they’re in clean clothes, are eating the right things ie not worms, and making sure they’re otherwise happy.  If a little boy like My Little Pony, ask him which one is his favourite, if a little girl says she prefers shorter hair and to play in the mud, ask her does she build anything in the mud.




Arizona Elementary School blockades all urinals in boy’s bathrooms after multiple incidents involving female “transgender” children

This does sound like a made-up story, and there’s plenty of reasons why the toilets could be cordoned off, but assuming it is true, let’s see why that might be the case.
For these purposes, I’m going to assume the children sitting in the urinals are transboys (it just makes it easier). Ok, this is an infants school, with children upto what age? At my schools it was upto 11 but I know it varies from place to place but lets’ just say it is 11. You’re a 10 year old transboy, you’re out and open and need to pee, and it makes perfect sense to you to sit in the urinal to pee (from the pov of the 10 year old of course). The school probably doesn’t know what to do for the best, so cordons off the affected toilets for everyone’s benefit (remember these are under 11 year old kids we’re talking about here). What should have happened, was the school or the parents explain to the transboy students, that they should use the cubicles because sitting in the urinals, apart from being cold, is hygienic (which it is), and you explain this in a way that’s not going to upset anyone.
I do think that whether this story is true or false, that a mountain has been made out of a molehill.

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having been a man, I can say this with some authority.

I was thinking something similar to this the other day, and I’m struggling to think how to phrase it properly so please take that into account. People that didn’t know us previously, will treat us based on how they perceive us (so just for arguments sake, the people around have no idea the person is trans). They will treat that person in the way they treat other people of the same sex, characteristics etc. Now, we ad trans people, won’t get treated any different to anyone else, but, we will notice more, that we are being treated differently to how we used to be treated, whether that’s good or bad. I can imagine even some of the nicer things, could at some point become annoying though, or patronising depending what they are.

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Golf – Royal and Ancient to vote on women members at St Andrews

Golf – Royal and Ancient to vote on women members at St Andrews

I think golf is possibly the most boring game on the planet, but it’s about time this happened.


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On MichFest and Women Only Space

As a musician, I’d like to attend something like Michfest, but, being trans, I’m not welcome there, so, I fail to understand why you say they’re being inclusive when they’re clearly not being inclusive of ALL WOMEN. I get that you don’t want to see pre-op transwomen getting naked, and that could be a simple condition of entry for pre-op transwomen. For post-op transwomen, I don’t see an issue. But this isn’t about excluding transwomen. Isn’t it true that there’s a blanket ban on anyone trans attending? That would mean mtf and ftm, unless that’s something that just hadn’t been properly rebuffed.

I imagine Michfest for me would be like Marmite in that I’d either really love it or really hate it, but this policy is akin to segregation with whites only and blacks only facilities, which made no logical sense whatsoever and was based entirely on ignorance. I wouldn’t attend Michfest unless I thought I’d be welcome, which I’d clearly not be by the organisers at this time. The bands that have pulled out it decided not to attend are exercising their rights to free speech, which we all have, and I think they put their point as diomatically as Lisa did on behalf of Michfest – I don’t like or agree with her point of view, but she states it calmly and sensibly, which gives me hope that change is possible, however long that may take.


What is and isn’t offensive

Let’s get straight to the point here. Some people are easily offended. I’m one of them sometimes, I think most people can be though. I took almost instant offence at the Paddy Power “Lady’s day” adverts last year for the Cheltenham festival I think it was, where they played the guessing game of is she or isn’t she. It was in bad taste for a start, and would no doubt lead to people doing the same thing in public, leading to upset and distress to countless people no doubt. Little Britain however, is slightly different in it’s offensiveness. No one in the show is portrayed fairly well, everyone’s just a bit bonkers for use of a better word, but it’s not so much about the people themselves, it’s about the situations they’re in and our manners. In the first sketch with Emily, Tom Baker clearly says she’s a “rubbish transvestite”, the clue is in the description. She’s not transsexual, she doesn’t want to be a woman, she is playing at being a woman. Every character in the show is put in bizzarre situations, and half the joke is how people around them deal with the situation, from the incontinent old woman in the post office queue, to the grown man who wants “bittie”, to the horrible vomit woman, who’s not just 2 faced, she’s many faced.

So, as someone who’s trans, do I take offence at Emily from Little Britain? No, I have a brain and I know that they are not attacking trans people. I understand that they go way over the line with their jokes sometimes, but that’s just the point, sometimes you have to laugh at the situation they put the characters in. Unfortunately, some people don’t use their brains, and will take a line from a show or an advert, and use it to attack others with. Critics of trans people won’t care about this, I get that, but care about this. I was a carer for my ex, and we’d sometimes get idiots making comments like “yeah I know” and “I want that one” at us. My ex is a wheelchair user, does he deserve to be treated like that? To have idiots try to upset and offend him? I was more annoyed at these idiots than he was, I wanted to say something back to these idiots more than he did to show them what it feels like. The thing is, if something is going to offend or upset anyone, for Ny reason, we should think twice about doing it. In recent years, a newspaper printed a comic strip that had an image of Mohammed in it that offended some Muslims. Some people would say “get over it” to them no doubt, what’s the big deal? Had the paper printed this comic then after realising the offence it caused, most likely that would have been the end of it, but it wasn’t, and other papers went on to reprint the comic. Now I’m not saying anyone should back down from threats and intimidation, but what the fuck has happened to common bloody sense and a bit of decency and respect for your fellow human beings? Kids say sorry when they’re in the wrong, yet adults can’t?

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Feminists! Check your friends!

Wow! Are you seriously so stupid / paranoid that you don’t get the point of this? I’m going to assume that no one is reading is friends with the horrible people that we’re listed, Putin, Felps and Tebbit, but the article gave them as examples, did you you not realise this? Let me put it another way. Russia has recently been cracking down on gay rights and there’s been a campaign to try to encourage athletes and companies not to sponsor the recent Sochi Olympic and Paralympic games, with one of the biggest sponsors being Coca-Cola. By sponsoring these games, Coke has been associated with Putins Russia implying that they’re ok with what Russia is doing to it’s LGBT citizens. Channel 4 in the UK, have shown the Paralympics, but also made their position very clear with an advert they’ve been running on their channel about the games “always being a little bit gay”, I’d recommend you search it out if you haven’t seen it. Several athletes have made protests when celebrating victories, nothing like as powerful as the Black Panther salute protests at previous Olympics, but protests all the same. The Formula 1 season will also be heading to Sochi later this year, a sport that brings in millions of dollars to the host nation, which personally I think should be called off too. This is called free speech. On the other side of the same coin however, I have friends and family who have what might have what are considered to be racist views (in my viewpoint they do it not theirs). They’re still my friends and family. I’m not going to stop being their friend or stop being related to them over their views, but I will argue the toss with them over their views if I feel the need, but not saying anything to them, implies that I agree with them. If you don’t understand the point this article is trying to make, then let me suggest to you that you read it again with an open mind, not critiquing every single line, but stop to think about what point the writer is trying to make then saying what you agree or disagree with, because right now, your response is simple reactionary childish bullshit.

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Anthony “Louisville Slugger” Casebeer now re-emerges as “Annie Barchetta”

Wow! those are some serious death threats! Makes me remember the time I was so hungry I could have eaten a horse, which of course is a saying, not an actual thing that I could do. I think you’ll also find, that this “death threat”, was nothing of the kind. It was more like the kind of thing you say in jest, and most sensible people know isn’t true, have you not realised this?

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What political “ism” is this?

I can totally understand the thinking here, prioritise people who contribute, and as a philosophical / theoretical debate it could be quite interesting, but absolutely no and no again. There’s actually an episode of Star Trek Voyager where this happens when the doctor get kidnapped into such a system, I won’t bore you with the details, but that showed the extremes that that kind of system could get to.

I believe there’s only the medical people treating patients that can and should prioritise people for healthcare. It’s not something that should be down to simple numbers.

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A shocking proposal from a so-called expert at the Department of Health has suggested that people in work should be given priority for treatment in the NHS.

In a move which could hit pensioners, disabled people, lone parents and unemployed people, government advisor Dame Carol Black has said: “I personally think we should perhaps be more honest and debate more fully if we would prioritise such patients if it was a question of getting them back to work.” 

In other words if you are currently without a job, for any reason, then forget about accessing healthcare as you are pushed down to the bottom of NHS waiting lists.  Black’s comments even seem to suggest that the sicker you are, and the less likely to be able to go back to work, then the longer you might have to wait for NHS treatment.

Dame Carol Black made the comments – which…

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The conservative reality of it all.

I might agree with you bar one thing, I’m trans and I’m not attacted to men, I’m attracted to women. I know countless trans people who consider themselves to be gay too. There is no simple “fix”, the easiest thing is to “live and let live”. You played with girl things as a child, and then through peer pressure decided to give them up. Had you not had that pressure, would you have thrown them away, or continued to play with those toys till you outgrew them on your own or not? I played with toy cars, with Star Wars figures, my favourite show to watch on a Saturday afternoon was the wrestling with my nana. Like you, I was never interested in the rough and tumble games seemed to play, but what’s wrong with that?

Be YOU, whoever, whatever that means. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.


When I was a very little boy I wore dresses, fake nails, make-up (if I could get away with it.) and played with barbies instead of G.I. Joes. My favorite things to watch were “Sleeping Beauty” and “Thumbelina”. I knew what all the other boys were into, and none of it appealed to me. I didn’t want to be rough, I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t want to get dirty, their dolls were boring and they acted gross.

My ultra-conservative family was concerned, while this wasn’t outright apparent to a child of that age,but when my “girl” cartoons starting suddenly disappearing, when I could hear one parent expressing disapproval to another over what toy was brought home, when more encouragement was mounted on me to do boy things, to be everything I didn’t want to be I knew something was up. One morning, I woke up very early…

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