Stop Taking Crazy Pills. They Only Have One Look.

I stopped reading halfway down, because quite frankly, it’s nothing I haven’t read before. What was kinda new, was that you said that the person you we’re talking about had access to a perfectly good unisex toilets they could have used. I’m going out on a limb here, and guessing that those unisex toilets are actually wheelchair friendly toilets, ie toilets that are larger than standard toilets to accommodate someone who uses a wheelchair, who obviously needs the extra space. So, you think that someone without a disability, should use these toilets when they don’t need the extra space or facilities, making someone who actually does need the extra space and facilities wait outside? Let me let you in on something here, people with disabilities who need to use disabled toilets, often have bladder and bowel problems too, which are made worse by waiting. Let’s put another spin on this. Saw the trans individual wanted to get a drink or water, or travel on public transport, well hey! You live in the deep south of the USA right? What about bring all those “colored’s only” water fountains and segregated bus out of retirement that you used to have in the good ole US of A? How about separate cafe’s and restaurants, normal-people food places, and trans-people food places? Separate hospitals too, after all I doubt that the ones that used to be for “colored’s only” have all been demolished.
If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m not being serious with my above suggestions. I find those suggestions as offensive as I find their historical counterparts. To date, there have been ZERO instances of trans women attacking or otherwise harming non-trans women in public toilets, changing rooms, or any other similar place, I challenge you to prove otherwise.
As for Gallus Mag, he or she hides behind a user name, anonymity. We don’t know who he or she is, but he or she and her others like him / her, spread ignorance and hate akin to the KKK. I don’t like in the USA, so I don’t know what the KKK say about non-white people, but based on what our own racist idiots have to say about their targets of hate, I can imagine how stupid it probably is when held up to scrutiny.

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