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What are we going to do tonight Cathy?

“What are we going to do tonight Cathy?”

“The same thing we do every night Gallus, complain about patriarchy and offer no positive solutions.”

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Transgenderism is Antifeminism

No, it’s not trans-women who reduce their bodies to genitals, it’s people like you. When we medically transition, we do all we can to make our bodies appear as female (or as male for ftm’s) as medical science currently allows us to. As and when medical science allows us to go further then we will. If being a woman is more about genitals as I assume you’d agree, then what is your problem with trans people? You seem to say one thing is the case, the say the exact opposite is the case too. Make your mind up please whatever it is.

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Haters are gonna hate

Nuff said really


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Wife rape is AOK for these bros.

Jesus! Ok, some feminists (of the radical persuasion normally) would consider a lot of sex (and we’re talking heterosexual sex here) is rape, in fact some go so far as to say all sex involving a penis is rape, which is just ridiculous. You might expect the consent is implied if you’re married or in a long term relationship, but consent should still be sought. You don’t have sex with someone if they’re too drunk to consent or say no or otherwise express their opinion, if you’re just as drunk then maybe, there is a small excuse for not getting consent, but even then. Reminds me of a time when a friend of mine who had started drinking earlier than me was seemingly coming onto me, and I was stone cold sober at the time, and it really bugged and frustrated me that I wasn’t equally as drunk, or she was as equally sober, because she had made it clear in the past that we we’re just (and still are) friends. It takes all of 5 seconds to ask if the person you’re with is in the mood or not, it’s not a difficult thing to remember or do.

The Prime Directive

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