F1 testing

I’m a big fan of formula 1. My current favourite competing driver is (at the time of writing) the 7 time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

For the past 6 months, I have been restoring on old Tamiya f103 f1 model race car I’ve had since the 90’s in the “iconic series” ie older Tamiya cars. I’ve spent a small fortune on her with new wings front and rear, new bodyshell, wheels and tyres, electrics, and even 3D printed a Star Wars Mandalorian helmet and “halo” device for it. My biggest issue driving the car has always been the diff. It’s a bit more forgiving on carpet, but on tarmac, one mistake and you swap ends. So I went outside my flat this morning to test some modifications I made to see if the handling is any better. Over a high wall to the left of me are 2 men, I’d guess in their 20’s, and they’re shouting towards me. I ignore them at first assuming they’re being dicks, which they probably were, but not for the reasons I first thought (me being trans). So they’re talking about my car, telling me how it should work and they could fix it and I’m feeling really patronised by all this, and a tad pist off at them. Anyway, I stop the car and bring it back in the flat to make some changes, and I’m playing devils advocate and thinking they probably weren’t being the dicks that I thought of them either time, but then I also thought, hang on, they may not have intended to make me feel uncomfortable, but that’s what they did anyway, and I was even more annoyed than I was before.

I don’t know what conclusion I’m trying to draw from this, but it’s an attitude I’ve seen from men of all ages, especially of their age though, which is really sad because I know teenagers who are more mature and less concerned about a lot of things than the teenagers of my teenage years.

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