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Brought me to tears, in a good way.

Gay star news story


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Taking feminists seriously

I’m going to start taking feminists more seriously from now on….

For years they’ve been telling us that men are fucking pigs.

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Baby’s First Dildo -courtesy of the Transgender Movement

Jesus Christ! Do some research on your topic Gallus! This isn’t a dildo, it’s what’s called a packer or packy / packie (I don’t know the exact spelling). This is not paedophillia either you idiot. This is about supply and demand. If there’s demand then there’s supply, and if there isn’t, this won’t last.

For fucks sake Gallus Mag, at least do your research before criticising something, you just look like an idiot otherwise.


tranz dildo for ugh Occasionally the subject of a post leaves me speechless. This is one of those posts. Dildos for 4 year old girls, marketed by a “genderqueer” woman in San Francisco named Den Kirkwood Tucker. den kirkwood tucker It would appear this project has some affiliation with Gender Spectrum, the organization involved in public school programming to elementary school children. See for yourself below. Read the article that brought this campaign to my attention here: dildo 1transwear dildo 2transwear dildo 3transwear dildo 4 ..

dildo for 4 ugh

tranzwear ugh 1

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Coming and going

Depression has a habit of coming out of the blue when you least expect it. I’m not happy in my current work situation, but have been holding onto the possible happiness of walking out of this job and into a new one with a few weeks, when out of the blue, I’m feeling down and low.  The area I’m working in wonderful, I’m eating healthier than I have in years, I’ve very little reason to be miserable, and not big enough reason to be as down as I currently feel. It’s my birthday in a few weeks, and yet again it looks like I’ll be spending it on my own.  I try to reach out to people to share the time with, but I’ve never been the best people person.  I might just stay home and drink till I pass out, which won’t take long with all the meds I’m currently on.  And now I’m sounding all maudling and sorry for myself and I really don’t want to be. I don’t want to be stuck in a downward spiral of negative emotions, but I don’t know how or what to do about it.  I feel like just giving up, but I don’t have it within me to do anything about it whether that’s good or bad I don’t know, I’m just tired of wallowing in misery and depression and self pity, especially considering how much better off I am than some people.  Oh well, best check my lottery results then, at least if I win the jackpot I can be miserable on my own but be able to keep myself busy / distracted.


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Protest at Muslim wife beating conference.

Article with video
The article seems to be anti-the protest in its tone, and I’ve not seen the video but I can well imagine what happened.

Whether a 600+ year old book says it’s ok to beat your wife is irrelevant. You should know that it is never ok to beat anyone.  It wasn’t right in Muhammeds day, it’s not right now.

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Gender Identity Specialists warn of “ever increasing tide” of Transwoman Sex Offenders

Surprise surprise! Someone sent to prison uses the system to their own advantage! Why has this not been reported about before! Ffs really? For the record, the number of non trans people (both men and women) still outnumber the amount of transpeople in prison.


prison bars

Testimony admitted by the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists to the Transgender Equality Inquiry in the UK Parliament took a surprise turn when members sounded the alarm over what they warned is an “ever increasing tide” of transwoman criminal sex offenders. They outline how sex-offending transwomen whom they describe as “pretend transsexuals” adopt a transgender identity for various nefarious purposes, often involving increased access to vulnerable women and child victims.

Description of the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists, from the August 20, 2015 testimony to Parliament [PDF] [all bolding in this post by me-GM]:

The Association numbers over a hundred members and comprises the overwhelming majority of all clinicians working in every Gender Identity Clinic in the British Isles. The membership is drawn from all the involved disciplines and includes Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Surgeons, Psychosexual Counsellors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Endocrinologists, General Practitioners and Social Workers.

From the…

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7 men sent to jail.

7 men in the UK are tonight behind bars, 3 of them for sexually abusing young children, and when I say children, I mean babies less than 1 year old!  The other 4 just watched but planned to do similar.  The BBC news reports over 200 others in 12 different countries.
I simply don’t have the words to describe how I feel about this, but someone at my work said he hoped they were put in the general population of the jails and let the other prisoners deal with them, and as much as I believe everyone should be treated fair and equal, it’s not an argument I can truly argue against.  They deserve whatever they have coming to them.

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