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Here Cathy Brennan lies about a lesbian feminist for some reason.

She pays to have 96,000 subscribers? I just read a piece that claimed her current 100k of likes were fake, and am currently trying to fact check that myself. Me and you don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things GM, but I did doubt that she had that many genuine likes on her owl Facebook page, mainly, as her “version” if you like, of feminism, isn’t a mainstream one, but a fringe off shoot, and rightly or wrongly, mainstream feminism
does (or doesn’t appear to) have that many “active” members anyway, so to believe that she has that many “likers”, is pushing things just a bit.

Fwiw, if she has libelled you (it might be slander though, depending on the law where you are), then you should be able get Facebook to do something about it (although they really don’t seem to care unless you kick up a big fuss), or you could take legal action against her. Freedom of speach doesn’t mean you can’t be held responsible for that speach.


A few weeks ago I was tweeting my consternation that a man named Tara Hewitt (formerly “Tara Kitten”) was nominated to the UK’s Pink List in recognition of his relevance to the LGBT activist community.

tara hewitt pink list

Tara Hewitt is a conservative male politician who campaigns to limit the legal rights of women to access abortion services. He also campaigns against the rights of women to meet publicly for feminist activism outside the presence of men.

In this context, I mentioned in one of my tweets that I was surprised this gentleman had declined Cathy Brennan’s offer to pay for him to personally attend the RadFem2013 conference. He tweeted back thanking me for acknowledging that. And that was that. Life went on.

Earlier today blogger Terri Strange contacted me on twitter asking me about that tweet. I signed in and discovered that Cathy Brennan’s OWL (Organizing for Women’s Liberation) account had also…

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Political Leabianism? Really?

I’ve just read (and I could only read so much) some utter bullshit about “political lesbians”. Now, my initial understanding of that phrase would be lesbians who are involved in politics, probably more so than the average person, but no, apparently a “political lesbian”, is a woman who for political reasons, refers to herself as a lesbian. Now it would seem to me, that you could only refer to yourself as x y or z, if you actually are, x y or z. You can’t choose to be x y or z if you aren’t, but apparently you can “choose” to be a lesbian, according to some. In that case, I would “choose” to have more vegetables in my diet, because they’re healthy for me, never mind the fact that I can’t stand the taste of some veg, from henceforth, I shall be a “political vegetarian”! Except I’d be kidding myself, and not being honest about who I really am. I tried going veggie a few years ago, or to phrase it another way, I stopped eating meat, (that includes both red and white meat, how someone can call themselves a vegetarian then eat fish or chicken is beyond me). I didn’t eat more veg, I ate meat substitutes like veggie burgers and Quorn, but as I was on a very low income at the time, and the smell of bacon was driving me potty, my vegetarian phase lasted about 6 months, before I gorged myself on a donner kebab, but hey, I tried, and it wasn’t for me. So, the question needs to be asked, and I will ask it and apologise in advance in advance for my choice of language.

If you don’t like minge, how can you call yourself a lesbian?

Answers on a postcard people.

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