I have no words strong enough or good enough to describe my feelings good enough regarding this. How anyone can think something like rape can be justified just baffles me. These were 14 and 15 year old girls for fucks sake! (I think 14 and 15 or not much older / younger).

Something major needs to be done to punish the bastards that have committed these disgusting actions, I’m not going to call them crimes, crime is being robbed committing fraud, this is inhuman bastard-ness. They deserve to suffer the same (or similar) actions those two girls were put through, and they deserve everything they get. This is when my religion really frustrates me. As a Christian, I’m supposed to do my best to be Christ-like, I will fail at that because I’m not the son of god, but I’m supposed to at least forgive, but how can anyone forgive such brutal actions these people committed. At the very least, they need locking up for life, and I mean till the end of their natural life. Jail is never an easy option, but I imagine an Indian jail being more harsh than anything we could imagine in the west, and I also think the other prisoners may make their life hell too and they do deserve it they really absolutely do, but if I’m supposed to be or to try to be a better person, I can’t condone any bad treatment they receive any more than I can condone the actions they committed against those two girls, that would make me as bad (well maybe not as bad) as the people who did these disgusting acts. Lock them up, keep them away from anyone else they can hurt, make an example of them to make anyone else who might be thinking of doing something similar think again about doing it.

I didn’t intend to write this much when I first read the below piece, I guess it’s just gotten to me more than I realised. The minute we aren’t shocked by these kinds of things, that’s the minute we need to give up on the human race.

Indian girls raped and hung

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