“Transphobic” Advert ?

I get the point of the ad and transphobic? maybe a little, but like they said, that was never there attention. Insensitive yes, but they’ve quickly realised is has obviously upset some people and rather than make a mountain out of a molehill have done the sensible and dealt with this quickly, which I think will work in their favour (how many politicians have we all seen get “caught out” by something and clung on for weeks before realising theyhave to sorry, yet by then they’ve done more damage to their self).

The woman pictured may be a man in a dress, or she maybe transsexual, in which case she’s a woman (whatever anyone else thinks of her, she wouldn’t say to anyone that she’s a man, she might explain it in a better way, but wouldn’t just blurt it out with “guess what?”)
Let’s change the caption a little, imagine she’s oh say a radcial feminist, should she have to tell the man? She may do at some point, but when you meet someone in a bar or similar situation, you don’t tell them your life story (although that does tempt me to get a t-shirt printed with my entire life history, medical details and all on it, after all, that would be pre-warned, although you might have to squint or get help from a telescope (I recommend Hubble) to read the smaller print.
To sum up, the company made a simple error of judgment, they’ve held their hands up and said sorry and are doing their best to correct it, that should be the end of the matter shouldn’t it. Wouldn’t you want them to deal with it in a similar way if was you they’d offended / upset in some way, ask yourself that.




Ryders Eyewear
We’ve received some backlash regarding our recent ad in Bicycling Magazine–some people have wrongly concluded that Ryders is attacking transgender people.

This ad is not, in any way, an attack on transgender people. It’s simply showing two people who are attracted to one another, each with a secret that the other might want to know up front. The person on the left has a secret–he owns an abnormal quantity of cats. The person on the right has a secret–he is actually a man dressed as a woman. We were toying with some of the social constructs that have made gender roles appear as truths, in an attempt to bring some humour to the concept that seeing isn’t always believing.


It’s now been a full day since the first messages arrived in response to our ad in Bicycling and it’s clear that we have offended lots of…

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