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Transphobes deny reality

Clare Flourish

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. What has Woman’s Place UK achieved? Nothing that they should feel any pleasure in whatsoever. They have made Rupert Murdoch quietly satisfied, and enabled his organ to print as many as four trans-bashing articles in a week. They have made David TC Davies very happy- after trying to rile feminists in service of Islamophobia and anti-immigrant nationalism, he has finally managed to rile some of them against trans people, to further his far-right, hate-stoking ends. This is the MP who voted to limit abortion to 12 weeks, so making him happy is not a feminist cause.

What do they think they have achieved? They think the consultation on gender recognition reform is thanks to their agitation. Yet Justine Greening announced it in July 2017, two months before WPUK was formed.

They don’t understand the proposal, even after…

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Cisgender woman guilty of assaulting two transgender women in hate crime attack

Cisgender woman guilty of assaulting two transgender women in hate crime attack

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Trans Activists Smoke Bomb UK Newspaper Offices In Gender Recognition Terror Attack

Blue and purple flares. A peaceful protest against a recent article in the paper, with police present. No one was arrested, therefore no laws were broken. You people really like to make mountains out of molehills don’t you, or do you just like silencing dissenting voices?

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Vancouver Dyke March denounces protest by anti-transgender activists | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly

A group that opposes the inclusion of transgender people in queer communities demonstrated at the Vancouver Dyke March.
— Read on www.straight.com/life/1118921/vancouver-dyke-march-denounces-protest-anti-transgender-activists

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Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft @pussy_church

Hardly a church is it (or as its witches the right word would be “coven”. It’s clearly a political / campaigning organisation and the language is designed to discriminate against transpeople.

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Kevin Smith-Joyner (USA) @GLSENMaryland

Wow! Cathy Brennan telling others not to be nasty on the internet! To quite Paddy McGuiness, “let the pot, meet the kettle”

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Statement from Pride in London regarding the 2018 protest group

Statement from Pride in London regarding the 2018 protest group

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