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Transgenderism & Militarism (This Week in Transgenderism #22) featuring Ian Finkenbinder and Other Men

Short video? It’s over 20 minutes long! Lol

I’ll watch it all later, but, I can give you a possible answer which you may have already thought of yourself. Like you said, the military is a “hyper masculine” thing, well, and I can only speak for previous generations / older transwomen on this. We fight, we don’t want to be trans knowing how we’re seen in the media, by society etc. We think we’ll be mocked, loss friend and family, so if we can do this very masculine, maybe that will “cure” us. It doesn’t work though, which is why you’ll find that a lot of ex military transwomen have 20 or 30 years worth of military experience behind them.

I know you don’t like the whole idea of trans, but if you try to look at things logically and from someone else’s point of view, you may not agree with their logic, but you may understand it.

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There’s a TERF on my shoulder


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Once more for the people at the back: abortion rights and trans rights are the same struggle

Another angry woman

Content note: this post discusses anti-choice sentiment and transphobia

Today, I got a tweet from a TERF expressing a desire to reduce the abortion time limit, using the same concern-trolling language as noted womb-botherers such as Nadine Dorries.

It didn’t surprise me.

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first: TERFs are about as feminist as Jim Davidson. They’re also very comfortable with forming political alliances with conservative men, and indeed prefer to date conservative men as they have more in common with them politically. So it’s hardly a shock that they’ve been parroting patriarchal talking points.

Then we have the media transmisogynists like to pretend that trans women pose a problem for reproductive rights activism, which is a deliberately disingenuous misrepresentation of the fairly uncontroversial demand that when we talk about reproductive organs and human bodies, we’re gender-neutral about it, because that’s more precise. It simply isn’t…

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Enough already!

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, having had unreliable internet for the past week, but just under 2 weeks ago, the USA had its 18 mass school shooting of 2018!!! Surely that number can’t be right! 18 school shootings in 6 weeks! And Trump doesn’t want to have fewer guns, or make guns harder to get, he wants to give teachers guns!

No more!

USA, ask yourself this question, the answer should be a fairly easy one. What is more important to you? The right to own a gun, or the right of your people not to be shot, injured or killed by a gun?

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Dr Radfem – are transwomen men poll.

This was the stats shortly after I voted. Looks like her plan has backfired in a big way.

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Are All-Women Shortlists Transphobic?

Legally, AWS are open to transwomen with a GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate). I think the debate in question is over those transwomen who don’t have a GRC yet ie Lilly Madigan. There’s no way Lilly could obtain a GRC at her age anyway due to how the process of applying for one works. As for the Jo Cox scheme, shouldn’t that work on rules that Jo herself would have set? Like most people I’m sure, we only heard about Jo with the EU referendum and her murder, but from all accounts, she seemed like a really nice person that would do anything for anyone.

The pussy hats, I’ve heard some say they’re transphobic but I’m not exactly clear on the reasons why, I suppose it would depend on the intent of the creator of them, and you’d have to ask her intent behind them.

India Willoughby, ugh, don’t get me started. She’s not all that popular among the trans community, but she’s the “go-to-girl” at the moment, previously it was Kellie Maloney, but both of these have only “recently” come out, and still have a lot to experience so don’t make the best representatives. Do I get angry or annoyed when I get misgendered by someone? Of course I do, but I shrug it off now or ignore it, because it’s just not worth the stress or hassle. As and when it happens on the phone, I’ll politely correct the person, and then if they continue will get more stern, the way anyone else would, but I think this was Anne Widdecombe she was dealing with here (I don’t watch Big Brother any more), who’s so anti-lgbt it’s unbelievable. Now we all knew going into the house that India was trans, but to misgender her with the way she looks, that can’t be an accidental thing. Someone I’ve known for over 20 years that knew me pre-transition still sometimes refers to me as she used to do, but then immediatelly thinks “oh shit” (you can see it in her face) has some kind of excuse, but someone seeing me for the first time now doesn’t normally, but again, I don’t let it phase me anymore. India isn’t at that stage yet where she can just shrug it off. You need to realise that in the early days of HRT treatment, we’re essentially going through a second puberty, ask any adult you know if they’d want to do that again volutntarily and you know what answer you’ll get.

And as for the 2 women who’ve been suspended from the Labour Party, I only know of Venice Allen, and a quick google of her and her tweets and you get to see the kind of person she is, and if that wasn’t good enough (they could be faked of course playing devils advocate here), there’s her YouTube account which clearly shows her and how she conducts herself. That’s not the kind of person you want representing your political party is it.

Not The News in Briefs

A controversy around the subject of trans-inclusion is currently rumbling in the Labour Party: the question of whether trans-identified males, with or without a Gender Recognition Certificate, should be able to access women-only shortlists or become Women’s Officers, or take advantage of initiatives such as the Jo Cox Women in Leadership programme to encourage women into politics. A crowdfunder has been set up to legally challenge the Labour Party’s acceptance (without consultation or debate) of trans self-ID, and there is now a counter-petition accusing all those involved of transphobia. This has been followed by what seems to be a hit-list giving details of Labour members with ‘transphobic’ Twitter accounts, and two women have already been suspended from the party based on this evidence.

What is sometimes forgotten in this argument is the reason that women-only initiatives exist in the first place. AWS and similar schemes are necessary in order to…

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My rules for dating apps

While I’m lay here trying to get to sleep before I start my new job in the morning, I was swiping left and right in a dating app I’m a member off.

She looks nice, she looks nice, not keen on her, she lives too far away, she’s never that age!

I’ve learnt to have some simple rules on clicking the like or dislike button. If you’re in a similar situation, I’d recommend making a few of your own too, but here’s mine in no particular order.

1. They have to have more than 1 photo of them.

2. They should live within a reasonable distance of me.

3. I have to find something attractive in them, be it looks, personality, sense of humour etc.

4. They should say something about themselves in their profile, and not just leave it blank.

You might think I’m being awkward or picky, and maybe I am, but I’ve learnt the hard way that you can’t always trust what you see online. I’d been chatting with a woman on an app for a few weeks getting to know each other, when it came to swapping telephone numbers. A few minutes later I received a call from a number I recognised as hers and with my heart in my mouth, picked up the phone to answer and said hello.

The voice at the other end of the line wasn’t what I was expecting. It was a mans voice. Now I’ve been mistaken for a man on the phone before, even this week when phoning the police (someone had crashed into the side of the car I’d just bought and drove off), so I let the conversation continue. There was a short conversation (I can’t remember the exact words now), I think I said “you’re a man” if I said anything, but I hung up. The phone rang again, I think I picked up and he started to demand I pay him £50 a week or he’d out me (I’d already told “her” I was trans before the phone call). I told him I didn’t have any money to give him hoping he’d give up, but he said, ok, I’ll fuck you then, to which I replied “oh you can fuck right off!”

I was shaking. I didn’t know what to think at the time, but after a few minutes I rang the police and told them everything that had gone on, and they made an appointment to see me later that night.

I filled out a statement, the policeman said I’d have to give any previous names which I felt really uncomfortable about, and he said he’d look into it. I’d printed off screenshots of the profile in question and our conversations.

A few days later, they’d tracked him down, had a talk with him, which he claimed was just “a bit of a joke / laugh”. He begged the police not to tell his girlfriend or his work as he worked with kids or vulnerable adults I think and it would ruin his career. He wrote me a letter of apology, but I’m still thinking that was just to avoid any trouble. I let the police decide how to continue, and they were happy giving him a telling off and leaving it at that, but the police did say he only lived a stones throw away from me, which did make me give every man I saw in the area a second look and a wide birth for quite a while afterwards.

I confided in a good friend at the time about it and he was just shocked and wanting to know more. I’ve been thinking of how and whether I should blog about this ever since, and nows as good a time as ever before I completely disappears from my memory.

So, take my advice, be careful, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is, stay safe.

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