That’s motor racing!

The first free practice session of the British Grand Prix marks the first time that a woman driver “officially” participates in the race weekend. Susie Wolff who is the Williams development driver.

25 minutes and 4 laps later it was all over, as Suzie pulls off the circuit reporting an oil pressure issue. The eyes of the motoring were on her this weekend, and I was hoping that she was going to put in a good showing (last year’s car was rubbish but this year’s looks to be back to Williams best). Her first lap didn’t look too fast, but was an installation lap, and when I was watching Lewis Hamilton a few minutes later, even when he had his drs open, he didn’t look fast either, so I don’t think the speed of the cars can be judged too much by their appearance this year at the circuit.

With less than an hour to go, Felipe Massa in the sister car has had a big smash, he’s fine, but it means the session has been red flagged, so there is the possibility that they might get Suzie’s car back in time to fix, and as I’m typing this, I can see her car arriving into the pits on the back of a lorry. As good as F1 mechanics are, if they couldn’t do a reset out on the track, I don’t think they’re going to get the car back up and running before the end of the session, but here’s hoping. Currently she’s in last place on the timing screen, which is understandable seeing as she was only 4 laps in. At 31, she’s not old, but she is older than most drivers start their F1 career, but, I really hope that even if she doesn’t get out again today, she puts a good session in, in the later races (I think Germany was mentioned), because that’ll only be good for other women drivers.

These things happen in motor racing.

Latest, engine fault is terminal šŸ˜¦


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