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Dr Radfem – are transwomen men poll.

This was the stats shortly after I voted. Looks like her plan has backfired in a big way.


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North Carolina & The Bathroom Bill: Transgender Discrimination

North Carolina & The Bathroom Bill: Transgender Discrimination

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An analysis of gender, transgender, feminism and gender critical feminists part 1

Ok, there’s not going to be a lot of analysis here for very simple reasons I will try to explain.  We all have different understandings of the above, and we all use different language with regards to it too, so, I am reaching out to Gender Critical Radical Feminists aka Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminsts in an effort to try to understand and possibly address (if I can) they’re issues / concerns regarding the above.  I want to do this as a video blog, as its sometimes a lot easier to actually say what you want than type it, and let’s face it, the WordPress interface isn’t the quickest / easiest to use.  So, regardless of your views on the above subject, please ask your questions in the comments section, and when there’s enough questions, I’ll film a response to upload somewhere.  Please use respectful language (as I have tried above) when addressing others. If you can’t use the words to refer to people how you think they’d prefer, please don’t use the words you know they won’t like.

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Cathy Brenan is at it again!

After Ellen’s response to Cathy Brenans lawsuit.

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Tired of it all

You know, I’m just so tired of reading the same thing on the same blog sites. “Men are bad and stereotypes. Women are perfect, can be whatever they want to be but are subjugated by evil men and the patriarchy”.  You know what, shut up, shut the fuck up, stop complaining, and do something to make a change if your life or the lives of other people are so shit.  You think you’ve had a hard life? Newsflash! Life isn’t easy for anyone.  I was bullied and picked on from day 1 of school at the age of 5 because the person / people doing it thought it was fun.  I was called all the names under the sun from fatty to puff, to ginger and variations of and you know, my life was still easier than some people on the planet who’ve had real struggles and real problems. I never had to worry where my next meal would come from, I was always in nice clean clothes, I had a loving family that looked out for me and vice versa, some people don’t have that. There are kids who have to take in adult responsibilities when they’re still children. Kids in Africa who have to sort through rubbish to earn 10 pence so they can eat that day. Pre-teens all around the world that have to look after an ill parent, and some people complain and shout “it’s not fair!” At the world because someone hurt their feelings or they don’t get paid enough or their boss made a hurtful comment.  Well suck it up buttercup and do something about it to make things better, as bitching about it on the Internet will only get others agreeing or disagreeing with you, and no progress made.

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Year from Hell

I will be so glad when this year is finally over. It started badly when I crashed my car at a roundabout I’ve gone through a million and one times, and has gotten ever worse since. I have never had to out myself to as many people as I have this year, simply to try and get a job. I don’t know which government brought in the CRB checks, but fuck me! I just want a job, yet every job so far has asked to see a birth certificate or passport as proof that I’m entitled to work in my own fucking country! With my accent! I should be in a job right now. I had a driving assessment with Parcel Force a week ago, after applying for the job via a temp agency a week or two earlier when the agency put in the crb check. Over two weeks later, I’m still waiting for those checks to come back. This job is only temporary till xmas eve, and it’s now the 27th November, so it’s not going to be worth signing off JSA for less than 4 weeks work to only have to sign on again after less than a month. Oh, and after working and paying into the system for over ten years, I got made redundant one year ago to the day today, and when I went to claim JSA, I was told I’d get contribution based JSA. You know what that means? It means the government is paying me benefits based on the taxes / ni that I’ve paid in work, and I get fuck all else. Someone that hasn’t put the money in, that gets income based JSA, get’s to put in for extra financial help, like budgeting loans to furnish their home, travel expenses paid when they have to travel to hospital, free sight tests as and when needed, free prescriptions. It’s a bloody good thing I’m diabetic so don’t pay for my eye tests or prescriptions whether I’m in work or not as due to one thing or another, I’m on about 10 different meds per day, and at £7.80 per item, that £78 just on meds every 4 weeks!!!! I applied for ESA due to my health issues, but I’m not “ill enough” for them, yet I’m too ill for them to send me on a hgv driving course – what the fuck!!!! I’m either well enough to work, or I’m not well enough to work, and they want it both fucking ways!!!! Yes, I replaced the Focus with a new(ish) silver Beatle, but had to sell her to pay debts that I’d accumulated, and she was misfiring anyway (seriously, when it costs a tenner to drive 20-30 in a 2 litre VW bug, you’ve got a serious problem).

So, with 5 weeks left to 2014, I can gladly say this year can go fuck itself. I’ve had enough. This is before any of the bullshit I’ve read from the trans exclusionary radical feminists. Yes, it is all about you isn’t it? I transitioned from male to female in 1999 just to piss you off and fuck you over, when I only found out anything about radical feminists in 2012. Yes, I transitioned, took hormones and had surgery so I could invade female only spaces and rape radical feminists. Of course I’ll have to order a decent strap on to do that now seeing as I had surgery nearly 9 years ago, but let’s not let the truth or facts get in the way of good old fashined radical feminist paranoia and bullshit. I really don’t understand how they can believe the bullshit they peddle, and keep a serious look on their faces, but fuck it, they can kiss my big fat arse for all I care anymore, I’m done with that shit. If you read what they write about trans people and actually believe it, then I guess you’ll believe anything you read, so you’re not worth wasting my time over.

Fuck this year.

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What are we going to do tonight Cathy?

“What are we going to do tonight Cathy?”

“The same thing we do every night Gallus, complain about patriarchy and offer no positive solutions.”

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