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Transphobia and sexism – Jenni Murray & Sarah Dittum

I’m commenting on the article linked here written by the journalist Sarah Dittum about another journalist / presenter Jenni Murray.  At the weekend, Jenni Murray published a piece about transwomen not being actual women.  There have been calls for her to be fired from the BBC over the article (Jenni Murray present BBC Radio 4’s Women Hour).  I don’t believe that she should be fired though.  I don’t agree with her on the piece she wrote, and wished she’d never written it / had it published, but it’s done now, and there’s nothing can be done to stop it.  What this blog post is about is about more than one article I disagree with.  Sarah Dittum writes defending Jenni Murrays piece and goes so far as to say calls for Jenni Murray to be fired as “institutional sexism”.  I’m sorry Sarah, Jenni wrote a transpohobic article, there’s calls for her be disciplined, and you’re saying the people calling for her disciplining are being sexist?  What planet do you live on?  If the article had been about race or religion, she’d have been fired in a heartbeat by now, but because it’s only about transpeople, say what you want, that’s fine.

By the way Sarah, I’d have posted this in the comments section of your blog, but it appears that you’ve disabled any feedback to it.   A blog is for discussion and debate, yet you seem scared by any opposing voices.  Shame.


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Why you shouldn’t try to engage TERF’s in any kind of debate.

It doesn’t matter what your argument is, whether you have a valid point or not, trying to debate with some radical feminists is not something you can do on blogs they moderate.  The simple reason is, they won’t approve any response that doesn’t toe the radfem party line, which is why you’ll find blog after blog of one radfem after another slapping each on the back in congratulations for a well written piece.  Try to explain things (as someone they don’t consider female), and you’re “mansplaining” and have “male privilege”.  Do these people not realise they have cis-privelege?  They didn’t have to question why they felt that their body and brain didn’t match when growing up.  They also think that you can choose to be a lesbian, when no one chooses their sexuality.  Surely if you could choose your sexuality, we’d all choose what’s easiest, which for most people would be heterosexuality, but I digress.  They say that they are “gender-critical” and that it’s not transphobic to quote biology at you.  Maybe not, but do they have to keep reminding us of things we know all too well?  For mtf transwomen, we are fully aware that we do not menstruate, that we therefore cannot get pregnant, cannot experience childbirth, and that we most likely didn’t go to school as the the little girls we believed ourselves to be.  No, it may not be transphobic to do those things, it’s something else, it’s called being an asshole.  They are the first to complain when you are critical of them, or put up with so much of their bullshit and reply in an angry manner because then, you’re acting like all men, in a stereotypcial man way (but hang on here, aren’t they the ones that say we enforce stereotypes of the patriarchy?  They never actually explain that fully do they?)

So, to sum up, don’t reply to their blogs on blogs they moderate.  They’ll only approve the posts that suit them, that’s not debate, that’s not democracy.

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