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Shocking video shows lesbian unable to prove gender being FORCIBLY REMOVED from women’s bathroom

Shocking video shows lesbian unable to prove gender being FORCIBLY REMOVED from women’s bathroom

Anyone with half a brain (so that rules out Republican politicians) could see that this is what would happen under these so called bathroom laws.  One commentator on the Pink News article said that if you’re a girl and you dress like a man then you should expect this.  Bull Shit!  She’s a teenager for fucks sake!  You should think yourself lucky that her response was audible and not just a grunt.

I also think the voice of the person presumably holding the camera sounds like someone O know.  Is that you Cathy Brennan?

What we see of this video is the girl being asked to leave as she didn’t have id, but we don’t see what lead upto the police arriving to question her.  Did someone call the toilet police, was someone causing trouble, we’re the police already there.  Hopefully more facts about this will come out in time.

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What are we going to do tonight Cathy?

“What are we going to do tonight Cathy?”

“The same thing we do every night Gallus, complain about patriarchy and offer no positive solutions.”

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Woman Enough – The Advocate

Woman Enough

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Gender Identity Watch Rebanned

Just in case that was too subtle, Cathy Brennan’s “Gender Identity Watch Reloaded” FaceBook page has been banned just days after it replaced her previously banned page “Gender Identity Watch”.

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Cathy Brennan trying to erase the truth from the internet

Cathy Brennan trying to erase the truth from the internet

Look children, who complains about being silenced, yet goes round silencing others using the very same tactics she complains about.  Plenty more free video hosting sites Cathy, plus I do have my own dedicated server to host the video on and share with all my friends.  Isn’t that nice.

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An open letter to Cathy Brennan

An open letter to Cathy Brennan

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Breaking the law

The majority of us have an inner sense of right and wrong, whether that comes from religion, society, our parents or elsewhere.  I know that if I steal something and get caught, I can expect to be punished.  So why is it, that some people ie Cathy Brennan, think they can habitually breach the terms of service agreeements (that we have all lied about saying said we’ve read and clicked that we accept them anyway) and not face any sanctions? 


Cathy Brennan recently had her Tumblr account suspended, and it seems now, deleted, possibly after the complaints of some she targeted on her blog who she thought was disgusting (so that narrows that list down by a lot).  Regardless of what the person she wrote about had on their website, CB went on to write all kinds of things about this person whether they we’re true or not I don’t know, but mud sticks.  She essentially went on a witch-hunt, and then acts like the victim, when her account is suspended and deleted for breaching the TOS and this woman is a lawyer too!  She knows or should know  what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, but still, she huffs and puffs and expects all to bow down to her radical feminist view of the world.


Well Cathy, you break the rules, you get caught, you get punished.  What about that do you find objectionable?



The camera doesn’t lie

Funny how some people try to edit out the things they don’t like. The YouTube link is what happened leading upto the so-called “full 19 minute video” – can someone please provide a transcript, ‘cos all I hear is screaming and shouting.

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What’s good for the goose – update

Wiki page for Cathy –

Photos of the “lovely” woman herself –

And details of where she works – – you might have to manually type the link in as it keep redirecting to google on my laptop.

Her employers take great pride in providing “Consumer financial services law and privacy law are what we do.”

I think they might be interested to know how she spends her spare time outing transpeople, putting their safety, their lives in risk.


Number 1  (as in, the 1st entrant ) in the bigots gallery “Cathy Brennan” aka bugbrennan of the radfems. Couldn’t hold a valid argument if you gave her something to hold it in.

The YouTube video shows some of what happened before / as Brennan was “attacked”, no wonder police forces round the world can’t cope.
Is “are you fucking kidding me?” the only words in her vocabulary?

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