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Germaine Greer again

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Is no action sometimes better than action?

I’m planning on this to be my last post bleating on about a certain music festival in Michigan USAshire.  As a transwoman, I’m not welcome at this event, I don’t think that’s right or fair, it feels like they’re saying to me that I’m not woman enough to attend, it makes me think do they plan to have a vagina check on the gate sometimes, but that would just be silly wouldn’t it?  Well you’d think so.  I was at an NUS LGB (no t in them days, but I think there is now) conference at the end of 1999 in Cardiff.  Really nice place although didn’t get to see much of it at the time.  Anyway, on the night time, we heard talk of a local gay club checking the fingernails of women going into the club, which at first seemed odd to us, till someone said they we’re checking to see if the women we’re in fact lesbians or not (the door people have obviously never seen any porn that included lesbians, otherwise they’d know that ALL lesbians like men anyway, and come equipped with 9 inch talons on their fingers).  So none of us we’re very happy about this.  I don’t know if we planned to give the club a piece of our minds, but in the end, it seemed that this was just an urban myth, or maybe something that had happened previously but didn’t happen any more.  We all had a good night and got properly drunk anyway.

Back to my main point.  Some bands / artists that we’re approached to perform have said that while Michfest has their current policy regarding entry to transwomen, they cannot attend thus condoning this policy, and it seems they’ve left it at that, not wanting to try to upset anyone, but clearly stating their position  Over the years, an alternative camp has been setup nearby that has been trans inclusive (I don’t know if it was trans run, but it was in direct response to Michfest).

I’m thinking that maybe we should just let the people who attend these things get on with it.  Maybe have an online petition saying “we the undersigned blah blah blah”, but leave it at that and don’t give them any more publicity than they get now.  There’s is a dieing viewpoint, and maybe we should just leave it to die, so that in years to come people can look back and say “I can’t believe we used to treat people like that”.  You want to attend a music festival that discriminates against a portion of society, fine, you attend that festival, just let the rest of the world know so that we can decide to include or exclude you from our lives.

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