Don’t assume anything part 1

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My weekend in Kent

So this weekend I spent in a lovely town called Tunbridge Wells in Kent (I’ve just gotten on my train home as I’m typing this on my iPhone)

I’ve been before, working as a live in cater to a lovely lady that unfortunately is suffering with Alzheimer’s, who I’ll simply refer to as J.  Well it’s been a year since I’ve seen J last, and I’m sorry to say that her condition has gone severely downhill.  I didn’t expect her to remember me, but she also didn’t remember the name of the carer who replaced me or her husband.  I bloody hate this disease / condition.  I was almost in tears so many times this weekend thinking about it, and was thinking maybe I shouldn’t have said I could help this weekend.  

I need to get very drunk as soon as humanly possible I think 😢

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UK Transwoman Athlete admits to Triple Stab Attack on Sports Officials who discovered he was Male

What exactly has her trans status got to do with her attacking people? I don’t suppose there’s any violent women in the world ey? No prisons with women in them for violence or murder?



Former British Women’s Fell Running Champion Lauren Jeska confessed in court today to committing a vicious premeditated triple stabbing attack on British sports authorities last March at Alexander Stadium.

“Women athlete who tried to murder sports official was transgender and facing review into medals”, reports the UK Mirror Online:

“Sean Kyne, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Lauren Jeska had a disagreement with British Athletics officials which escalated and rather than resolve the matter through the appropriate channels, she armed herself with a number of knives, drove from her home in Wales to Birmingham and launched a premeditated and savage attack on the victim which resulted in the victim and his colleagues sustaining a number of life threatening injuries.”

“Fell Runner Lauren Jeska tried to kill British athletics official because she feared the body would revoke her titles over transgender status” The Telegraph reports:

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Living Life ‘as a Woman’ was like a career. Now I’m Retiring.

Oh my God! what a load of utter shit! You really expect us to believe this tripe? Using the exact words that terf’s use, and all the “classic” references etc. please, give me a fucking break.

An email regarding my dead Nigerian uncle who ran a bank while owning oil fields who died in a car crash without leaving a will is more convincing than this rubbish!


The Following is a GUEST POST authored by MIKE.


On the Dissolution of a Dream

Guest Post by MikefromOhio

Hello Everyone,

In response to Gallus Mag’s gracious invitation to share more of my experience, I offer the following account. Let me say first that although I think my experience may be of some value, it is still only one perspective. Please feel free to ask or challenge me about anything I’ve said and I will try to respond. I may have some questions for you as well. Lastly, my thanks to Gallus and all the contributors here for maintaining such an important forum. To my story then.

Like most boys who dream of being girls, I was much closer to my mother than my father. I felt strongly that I understood her sadness, especially as the wife of a man like my dad. I loved her, deeply, while perceiving…

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The Wright Stuff puts one if its callers in its place.

The Wright stuff makes tea.

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Cher goes “No Homo” for Trans

You’re an idiot Gallus.


gekko cher terfIn honor of Cher’s incoherent streak of anti-feminist and anti-lesbian “TERF” tweets over the last 24 hours I am having this lovely needlepoint pattern stitched onto a pillow to rest on the divan in my sitting room:

cher needlepoint   

That is all. 🙂


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Transgnder athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Please read the article linked here before continuing.  I wish Sarah Dittum still allowed comments on her blog.

Ok, read that?  Good.  Ok, this is a difficult one.  The article tends to generalise regarding the strengths and abilities of trans athletes, both mtf and ftm, making the claim that mtf athletes will have an unfair advantage over their non-trans competitors.  Hormone treatment for mtf’s is likeyl to reduce muscle mass, make the person weaker than they once we’re.  The reverse is likely to be true for ftm athletes, as they take testosterone to increase muscle mass and strength.  The article mentions that to qualify for their respective places, they have to fit within certain limits, but these are all elite athletes, their job in competing at athletic events is to excel, it’s to beat the other competitors, it’s to gain any ethical / legal advantage they can to do this, which normally means eating the right food, training using the relevant techniques, and practice, practice, practice, so for the trans athletes to qualify, they have to be “normal” putting them at a disadvantage from the start, which to me seems a bit pointless.  I’m not saying that putting the non-trans athletes at a disadvantage is any fairer, it’s a bad situation from someone on the outside looking in, but I’m guessing the people making these decisions have all the facts and figures available to make these decisions and make them in a fair way to everyone.

My sport of choice, is radio controlled model car racing, and in this, gender isn’t a factor, strength isn’t a factor.  Skill is, money certainly is, although there are rules to try to make that more fair with price controls.  The amazing thing about the rc racing community though is, although we’re all competing against each other, we’re all ready to help each other get out cars to perform better, drive faster, handle etc, and you’d think it would be the exact opposite.  I’ve been racing since 1995, and I’m no expert, and that doesn’t bother me as long as I’m competitive, which thankfully I am most the time.  If I won every race I entered or lost every race I’d soon get bored, and have to find something else to spend my hard earned on.

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