Tara Flik Wolf (UK)

Statement by Tara Wolf:

Today Tara flick wolf was fined £150 for an assault which, according to the district judge, Tara had “low culpability” for and in which “low harm” was caused.

The district judge described the behavior of maria mclunnahn, the complainant in the case, as “aggressive”, and her provocative and aggressive behavior was taken into account in the choice to issue such a low fine.

Throughout the trial, the claimant and witnesses in support of her spitefully referred to Ms. Tara Wolf using “he” pronouns, despite being instructed to desist in this behavior by the district judge. These bigots were offered the opportunity to refer to Ms. Wolf as “the Defendant”, an inoffensive gender neutral term, but persisted in their campaign of harassment against Ms. Wolf by repeatedly misgendering her, intent on continuing to cause psychological harm against the defendant.

Throughout the trail, witnesses were harassed and intimidated by friends of the complainant, including an incident in which a supporter of the prosecution followed a vulnerable woman into the toilets and screaming “liar”.

Tara Wolf said “This ruling, that my actions were provoked and for which I hold low culpability, is a victory for trans people against violent trans exclusionary “radical feminists”. My ongoing harassment at the hands of these transphobic bigots has been taken into account in the sentencing. I stand proud of my actions in defense of my lesbian partner and queer people everywhere.”

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