UK Transwoman Athlete admits to Triple Stab Attack on Sports Officials who discovered he was Male

What exactly has her trans status got to do with her attacking people? I don’t suppose there’s any violent women in the world ey? No prisons with women in them for violence or murder?

  1. #1 by Nina on November 11, 2016 - 12:04 am

    Rates of violence in women are much, much lower than rates of violence in men, and they tend to follow different patterns. The statistics are easy to find, as are reports about male vs female patterns of violence. Women attacking acquaintances is extremely rare, especially attacking them over achievements. When women are violent (at ~1/10 the rate of men), they nearly always target their spouses, children, and dependents. When they *are* violent towards acquaintances, it’s either that they consider the other person a romantic rival, or that they’re getting approval from a male partner (like Karla Homolka).

    For women, violence is personal. Men kill for all the same personal reasons, plus a host of others (bad business deals, lost competitions, internet-fueled extremism, etc). We can disagree about what causes these different rates and patterns, but the fact that they exist? That’s just reality.

    I’ve never heard of any non-trans woman stabbing officials because she thought she would lose her medal. I’m sure if you dug through the annals of history, you’d find an example or two, but as you did that, you’d find dozens of men doing the same. It’s male-pattern violence. Sorry.

    • #2 by oopster74 on November 11, 2016 - 12:32 am

      Fear, fear that her trans status would be disclosed. Fear that her name would be dragged through the tabloids in their usual manner. Fear can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do. She is a woman, not a man. I’m not excusing what’s she’s done, but she is a woman. I understand what you say about men committing more violence / violent crimes than women, but women can be violent too, otherwise we wouldn’t have high security prisons for women offenders would we? Neither of us know the real reasons or the goings on and to suggest reasons is just speculation.

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