Gary Teetsel wants his Penis Rights

A commentator on GenderTrender wondered why FTM’s don’t have lower surgery, and the answer is a pretty simple one. The end results are currently pretty rubbish and there are many surgeries involved in even getting to that rubbish state. More MTF’s have lower surgery as that’s a more established and “perfected” surgery, but in places where you have to have medical insurance like the USA, a lot of trans surgeries aren’t covered, and to pay for them out of your own pocket is a small fortune.

  1. #1 by oopster74 on May 13, 2016 - 5:25 pm

    She hasn’t had lower surgery yet I presume by this article. As much sympathy I feel for her, she’s going to out herself / possibly make herself feel uncomfortable and others sharing the changing facilities when she doesn’t have “the right equipment” downstairs. I can understand her wanting to be treated equally, don’t we all, but surely there’s some compromise that can be made here? I used to take my ex swimming (he’s a wheelchair user), and we’d change in the disabled loo’s, which wasn’t perfect, but it was a compromise. He couldn’t come into the ladies with me, and I couldn’t go into the men’s with him. Doesn’t the gym involved have something similar to this? I think the video also mentioned the sauna too, well don’t you wear towels when you use that?

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