Bye Bye Bernie

Sandy Hook was a tragedy, but the person responsible was the gunman, not the manufacturer. They we’re probably irresponsible in the way they advertised the gun, but people in America are killed with guns every single day, and every so often you get another Sandy Hook. The gunmen are always the ones who are responsible. Why Americans feel the need to own and carry guns on a daily basis is beyond me. I know it’s in your constitution, but that document was wrote a long time ago, when it took a good few minutes to reload ie guns didn’t fire multiple rounds per second.

We (in the UK) must get different reports of the politics in America as I’m assuming you will of the UK. Whereas some Americans see Margaret Thatcher as a great leader (I’m not denying she was), she utterly divisive in the UK, and you either loved or hated her.

I haven’t seen enough of Bernie to say whether I think he’d be any good or not, but I have seen what Hilary has done (or what’s been reported in the UK), and she seems like the least worst option. I don’t know how anyone can take Trump seriously though. I mean he’s saying the populist things, but he’s promising more than he can deliver. Maybe when the democratic nomination is made, Bernie and Hilary can run on a president / vice president ticket rather than splitting the vote. I just hope the USA make the right choice, as what happens there affects the rest of the world.

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

I wanted to believe.

I went for Bernie Sanders early. I put my money where my mouth was.

After all, I have never voted for a Clinton, and I have been uncomfortable with Hillary Clinton since the early days of the Bill Clinton era. I couldn’t imagine then how supporting welfare reform and the 1994 crime bill helped poor people, and it’s great to see the discussions now about the negative and lasting effects of those two initiatives that she stood by her man to support.

Then there was her “evolving” position on the rights of gay and lesbian people, especially marriage equality. I mean, who could forget this?

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