“Gender identity refers to a person’s sense of fitting into social categories”: Wisdom for the Youth of Today from GIRES (Gender Identity Research and Education Society)

I stopped reading with 10% left. You are talking a load of shit Gallus. They setup this organisation to help others after seeing first hand what their own child went through, how do I know this? They said so at a conference I went to.

Jesus fuck! This is not about you, it’s not about eradicating lesbians, gay men or bisexuals or gender non-conforming people for fucks sake and you know it. There will still be butch lesbians, gender non-conforming men and women and trans people. What we all need is the information to make informed choices, you know, like the information women need when they’re considering an abortion. Not scare tactics or undue pressure to go in one direction or another to suit someone else’s idea of what is right and wrong, but to suit the individual.

You really spout some shit that’s badly researched and just plain badly worded and attempts to make fun and it just shows you’re ignorance.

Get a life Gallus, and stop trying to fuck up other peoples lives.

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