Tara Hudson and the betrayal of female prisoners

If you’re in prison, then you’re in prison for a reason. Prisons aren’t happy family picnics, they’re hard places. Tara has a history of violence it seems, and no one is debating that prison is where she should be for the crime she’s been convicted of, but, to put her in a male prison when she is so obviously female looking is putting her at risk of rape, sexual assault and violence and all manner of things. You ask what’s to stop a non-trans woman claiming to be trans to transfer to a women’s prison? I honestly don’t know, but its hard highly unlikely, and I would imagine that if you went to prison perceived as a man, then you would end your prison sentence perceived as a man, prison isn’t a place where you want to show any weaknesses, and transitioning within prison would be seen as a weakness. That being said, if Tara is taking hormones (and I imagine she would be), then her “surprise” as you put it, would be next to useless unless she were actually using it on a regular basis. So, what’s to stop her from attacking another inmate sexually or violently? The other inmates for one. She will be outnumbered by non-trans inmates, and if word got around that she was doing things she shouldn’t, the inmates would sort her out before the prison system got chance. It’s not right that that would be the case, but that’s just how prisons work. I don’t have a grc, the paperwork is like “War and Peace” and the costs involved are ridiculous (plus I’ve been out of the medical side got about ten years so would have to wait 14 months to get back in it just to get the medical reports needed). If I were ever sent to prison, then I should get sent to a female prison, but without the grc, it could be a men’s prison. I’m just glad that I’m never likely to actually be sent to prison, but people get sent to prison for all manner of things, some unintentional things like car accidents etc.

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