Sexism in games

I got my xbox 360 back late last week from having the cd drive be repaired / replaced, so treated myself to a new game in town yesterday. Ok when I say new, I mean Fifa2013 which is actually 3 years old, but when you consider it cost me £1.50 and the latest version Fifa2015 is selling for £45.00, I think I got a bargain.

So I finally got round to playing last night before bed. Chose career mode, picked my home team of Sunderland (that’s where I come from btw), put in my name and details and went on to buy the players I wanted. I managed to buy D’Gibreal Cisse for £6,000,000 (I’ve spelt that wrong I know), Thiery Henry for £3,000,000 and David Beckham for £300,000 but couldn’t sign an old wear side favourite Kevin Phillips as he was due to retire at the end of the season (super Kevin Phillips was a Sunderland legend in his time scoring 30 goals in a season).

So I carry on happily playing my game, but notice that all the references to me as the manager assumed I was a man.  Now I know this game is 2-3 years old now, but still, EA should know that both male and female players have games consoles, and it’s just bad coding to do these kinds of things. Even Codemasters do it in their F1 series, and that’s with an actual female driver driving for Williams occasionally on the Friday (Suzie Wolf).

So come on games makers. Lots of other games have the choice to make your character male or female, even going back as far as Streetfighter 2 in the early 90’s, so you’ve really no excuse. Release a patch or make changes to your next release, but it’s about time their was gender equality in games.


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