750g of pist offness

A wolf whistle is generally considered a bad thing nowadays. You get an attractive woman walking past a building site and the builders (normally all male) whistle and make comments, some good, some bad, but regardless, normally unwanted and can make the target feel really bad.  Thankfully, that’s something that is a rarerity in the 21st century. Unfortunately, there are still other unnaceptable things that happen, and I experienced it first hand twice this morning.  It was anything directed at me. When that happens I can smile back at them, give them 2 fingers and walk off, I might still feel bad but I can deal with it. This was about a lovely lady that I’m a carer for.  J has Alzheimer’s disease, which causes her to act in an unpredictable almost childlike way sometimes, with confusion and anxiety, forgetfulness and sheer panic being a daily thing.  So I went to the local butchers today to get some meat for a bbq were planning to have soon, and one of the staff there asked about J, I replied that she was fine (I’m not supposed to give out any detail, and saying fine is ok), and then he said for the second or third time, “she is funny isn’t she”, and I just wanted to lash out at him. I thought to myself later how to handle the situation if it happens again, and I wouldn’t do this, but I was thinking “you know what is funny? A broken nose”, to which I’d expect the reply “that’s not funny”, and I could say “oh, well there’s 2 things then isn’t it”.   I’ve told done family members about this, but not J’s husband, mainly as I don’t want him feeling bad or doing something he might later regret.  It just disgusts and appals me that some people think this is ok.  It happened about 30 mins later too when someone said “she’s getting worse isn’t she”, but it wasn’t in a concerned way, which again just really got me all riled up.j


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