Fox News Toy Story

Read the story and watch the video here Fox News toy story

I don’t watch Fox News (mainly because I live in the UK and have serious news reporters I can watch / listen to) but have heard lots about it, but news reporters should properly research and report a story, from this video, they’ve not done either properly.  One of the panel said he has to ask in the opticians whether certain glasses were male or female, and I’m thinking 1 – should’ve gone to Specsavers, and 2 – they’re glasses! They don’t have a gender, if you like them them buy them, if you don’t then keep looking for a pair you do like (it’s always puzzled me that when you’re buying new glasses and you try them on to see how they look, how are you supposed to know how they look on you when they don’t have your prescription lenses in them!!)

Kids will head straight to the toy department and will find what they want, and if a boy wants a Barbie or a girl wants an Action Man / GI Joe, then they won’t have that immediate feeling of stigma that can be attached with that. They’re friends may make them feel bad about it, but that attitude isn’t coming from them, it’s coming from their parents.

Fox News, don’t treat you’re audience like they’re stupid, and they won’t act stupid.  If you want to buy a toy for a boy or a toy for a girl, look in the toy section, you’re an adult and it isn’t that difficult. You manage to do your weekly food shopping I imagine, and supermarkets are constantly moving things around. Yes that bugs the shit out of people, but you survive, you don’t starve to death because they’ve put the cheese where the toilet rolls used to be, so stop you’re whining and grow up for fucks sake.


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