Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz : Mary Lou Singleton

Picking on children now Gallus, how very big of you.

You know that it’s not as simple as liking pink makes you a girl or liking blue makes you a boy, but these are just 1 of many ways in how we learn to identify who we are.

Lay off the kids too. You wanna bash transpeople, do it to those big enough and ugly enough to answer back, otherwise you’re just being a bully and a coward.


Jaron Bloshinsky poses for postmodern version of Jarod Bloshinsky poses for a postmodern version of “Christine’s World” as “Transgender Jazz Jennings”

[photos and captions added by GenderTrender]


JULY 31, 2015
Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz

Like many Americans, I have been paying attention to the current marketing of gender, the unquestionable system that tells us what constitutes male vs. female in our capitalist patriarchy. With morbid fascination, I am witnessing our culture move away from the old women’s liberation values that told young people they could participate in any activity they enjoyed, wear any clothing they liked, play with whatever toys they wanted, and think any thoughts they thought without these behaviors and beliefs being labeled male or female by forces then known as sexism. Not only have the categories of “boy’s toys” and “girl’s toys” returned with a vengeful backlash, now children and the rest of us are being…

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