The End Of An Era: Michfest’s 40th Anniversary will be the Last

I’m of 2 minds on this. On the one hand I’m happy that an event that I and many others view as trans-excluding will end this year, and sad for those that did attend or plan to attend in the future. I don’t think Lisa has given in to her critics on this, and from what I know of the festival I’m stunned and amazed that just one person organises the whole thing. If you want to keep Michfest (or whatever it may become), then surely new blood needs to come through the ranks to do that, but it shouldn’t all be heaped into the shoulders of one person, regardless of how that person may perform in that position.
I’m also a little happy, that Lisa hasn’t give-in to get critics, which I know seems odd as I’d be in that list. It shows that however wrong others thinks she may be, she’s stuck to her principles, and there’s not many people in the world left that do that.



Lisa Vogel, the creator and visionary behind the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival announced today that the legendary multi-generational women’s encampment and music festival will end this year.

After four decades of overcoming every sort of challenge imaginable in order to create the miracle that is Michfest, Vogel posted the following announcement an hour ago on the festival’s Facebook page:

Dear Sisters, Amazon, Festival family,

It has been my honor and privilege to produce the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival for 40 years. It has been my life’s work, my deepest commitment, my constant challenge and my most profound joy. Every single thing of value I have learned in the world I have learned in the process of being part of building this beloved community. Almost every friend and family member who I cherish I have met on that hallowed ground, and every single way I have learned to put my…

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