Not blogging much

Well as the title says, I’ve not been blogging much recently from my blog cabin, and that’s because I’m in gainful employment again! Yay for me!  Last week I was down in Cheltenham for the induction week and met 7 others doing the same course. Most were going from client to client and only me and 1 other person were there as what’s called “live in care”.  Now if you don’t know what is, it basically means I live in the person’s house that I’ll be caring for as for whatever reason, they need 24/7 care or supervision, their needs vary from simply needing a companion (no, not in a seedy way), to someone to help them wash, get dressed, make meals, shopping and anything else that most of us can do unassisted.

The last lady that I lived with earlier in the year sadly died when the next carer took over. I don’t think it was expected as she was making arrangements to vote in the coming elections by post. This affected me more than I thought it would last Wednesday when the company I’d worked for told me. She was old, had some dementia, and was a really nice lady.

I’m currently living with a couple and caring for a nice lady that was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 5 years ago. Now for professional and confidential reasons, that’s the limit of what I can say, but this condition is a truly cruel one in my opinion.  The pes on with the condition may or may not be aware of it, but the family and friends around them are, and I’m not sure who that’s harder on.

What I’ve been taught about dementia and read, I know is almost to patronise or humour them. Don’t say no, what makes sense to you may not make sense to them, but what makes sense to them makes perfect sense to them, and I feel bad that I’m seemingly doing this, even if it’s with the best of intentions. I guess it’s similar to what my ex neighbour who drove the big police cars up and down the motorway said about driving – “act as though everyone else on the roads are idiots, and you’re the only sane one on the road”, and that would seem to make some sense here.


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